Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer's Desire OST (Official)

Popular Taiwan actress Barbie Hsu stars opposite two of the hottest guys on screen today, Huang Xiaoming and Peter Ho, in the breathtaking idol drama hit Summer's Desire. The FTV/GTV production marks Ho's first shot as a TV producer, and the plot revolves around Hsu's starlet Xiamo, whose heart is torn between showbiz enterprise heir Ou Chen (Ho) and sensitive superstar Luoxi (Huang). The three leads are also responsible for the songs featured in the drama. Produced by Yuan Wei Jen and Mo Fan, the Original Soundtrack CD includes Ho's opening theme "Remember Loved" (from Korean composer "Hitman" Bang and Taiwanese lyricist Vincent Fang) and Hsu's ending theme "Diamond" (written by Mavis Fan and the original novel's author Ming Xiaoxi). Other featured songs include Huang's "Black Cat and Milk", Ho's "Masked Face", Hsu's "Bubble Mermaid", and several instrumental tracks.

01. 我記得我愛過 - 鋼琴版 (I Remember I Have Loved - Piano)
02. 我記得我愛過 - 宿命版 - PETER (I Remember I Have Loved - "Fate" - Peter Ho)
03. 鑽石 - 大S (Diamond - Barbie Xu)
04. 黑貓與牛奶 - 大S/沈建宏 (Black Cat and Milk - Barbie Xu and Kris Shen)
05. 泡沫美人魚 - 大S (Bubble Mermaid - Barbie Xu)
06. 假面 - PETER (Mask - Peter Ho)
07. 黑貓與牛奶 - 黃曉明 (Black Cat and Milk - Huang Xiao Ming)
08. 我記得我愛過 - 輕快版 (I Remember I Have Loved - Light )
09. 鑽石 - 鋼琴版 (Diamond - Piano)
10. 黑貓與牛奶 - 輕鬆版 (Black Cat and Milk - Light)
11. 泡沫美人魚 - 吉他版 (Bubble Mermaid - Guitar])
12. 假面 - 鋼琴版 (Mask - Piano)
13. 就是愛 - 輕快版 (This is Love - Light)
14. 我記得我愛過 - 悲傷版 (I Remember I Have Loved - Sorrowful)
15. 鑽石 - 輕快版 (Diamond - Light)
16. 黑貓與牛奶 - 孤獨版 (Black Cat and Milk - Lonely)
17. 泡沫美人魚 - 悲傷版 (Bubble Mermaid - Sorrowful)
18. 假面 - 抒情版 (Mask - Emotional)
19. 鑽石 - 悲傷版 (Diamond - Sorrowful)

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  1. Thank you for the ost. The only complaint about the ost is that it doesn't have the song when Barbie was recording in the studio in episode 2. It only have an instrumental version of the song, no voice.

  2. Yeah, I love that song! It's something like "Ai Ai Ai" and it was the cell phone ringer of the manager when they watched as An Ni said Xia Mo "seduced" the other guy.
    Blanc, do you know what that song called? Maybe there is some version of it floating around the internet. But unfortunately, I don't know Chinese to search for it.
    Thanks a lot for your link though!

  3. That song is called "This is Love" and it's available in the TV Ripped OST post:

  4. Thank you very much!!!!

  5. thankyou so much i live the song diamond <3 <3

  6. Thank you so much. Love the drama and the songs. You're such a good person to be sharing all these goodies.

    Again thanks.

  7. i love the (I Remember I Have Loved - Sorrowful)..the music is very gud ^ ^

  8. Thank you for sharing. However, for some reasons, I couldn't download the songs via Megaupload. Would you kindly send me the songs (mainly track 2,3, and 5)? Please >.<


  9. Oops, kindly ignore my previous comment. I managed to download it in the end. Nonetheless, thanks much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. No problem :) Glad everyone enjoys it. If anyone have any other OST requests, feel free to post a comment on the request page.

  11. hi! thanks so much for the post. Love the OST : )
    Small question, I've been looking for the Mask instrumental, but the violin version that is played through out the drama. Might you know anything about it? :D


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