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Summer's Desire Chapter 1

Translation notes: Jie means older sister, Ge is older brother. Xiao means little, usually used in front of a person’s name as an affectionate gesture (ex. Xiao Mo instead of Xia Mo, Xiao Xi instead of Luo Xi)

Chapter 1

Yi Xia Mo was always a quiet child, calm to almost the point of being cold. Her beautiful face never betrayed any emotions, and, since she was young, Xia Mo possessed a maturity that is even rare for those twice her age. It seemed that the only person that she showed any true feeling towards was her half brother, Yi Cheng. Xia Mo always acted as a mother to Yi Cheng, preventing others from bullying him. Their own mother, a singer and a prostitute, never cared for them. She was so deeply in love with Yi Cheng’s father, a gangster, that when he left her for another woman, she killed herself. Since then, Xia Mo and Yi Cheng were sent to the orphanage, where they only had each other to rely on. When Xia Mo turned 11, the siblings were adopted by the Yi family. It was a happy time for the two, especially Yi Cheng, who got to experience family love for the very first time. However, that happiness did not last long for Yi Pa was fired from work. Knowing that he would not be able to keep them if the unemployment continues, Xia Mo decided to take action for the sake of her little brother. Gathering her courage, Xia Mo went to see her father’s boss in order to beg him to take her father back. It was there that Xia Mo met Ou Chen.

Ou Chen was 3 years older than Xia Mo and the son of her father’s boss as well as heir to the company. Handsome and rich, Ou Chen lived a very privileged life. Despite it all, however, he was a very lonely child. His so-called friends are only there because of his wealth and Ou Chen hated them; he hated their faked smiles, their faked laughter but most of all, he hated their real happiness. When Ou Chen first saw Xia Mo, he knew she was different from any other girls he met. Perhaps it was her cool demeanor that made her seems so untouched by the world, or perhaps it was the courage and determination in her eyes that made her stood out. Either way, Ou Chen was mesmerized.

“What are you doing here?” Ou Chen asked, or rather demanded.

Xia Mo was unfazed by his attitude and explained her situation calmly. Ou Chen was even more transfixed. No one has ever faced him with such tranquility before.

Wanting to test her, Ou Chen asked, “Are you willingly to do anything if your father can get his job back?”

Xia Mo nodded.

“Then,” he said slowly, “I want you to do something that I always wanted but was forbid by my mother. “

Ou Chen looked at her carefully, trying to catch her every expression.

“I want you,” he continued, “to hold an apple on your head while I shoot an arrow at it.”

Without hesitation, Xia Mo nodded once again. That took Ou Chen by surprised. He never thought she would agree and was looking forward to her refusal.

Composing himself, Ou Chen replied, “Fine. Let’s go to the garden then.”

Xia Mo quietly followed him out the house. On the entire way, Xia Mo did not say a single word. Ou Chen also kept silent but he couldn’t help sneaking glances at her. When they reach the garden, Ou Chen ordered for his servants to bring his bow, arrows, and an apple. When the objects arrived, Xia Mo calmly took the apple, placed it on her head, and stood still. Ou Chen bought the bow up and aimed, half-hoping she would back down. The truth was, though no fear showed on her face, Xia Mo was very scared. For Yi Cheng, however, she could even give up her life. Unable to delay any longer, Ou Chen let the arrow loose. It flew across the garden and pierce through the apple with such force that the fruit fell to the ground. All the while, Xia Mo has not moved a single inch. Fascination and awe filled Ou Chen’s heart, the heart that has been empty for so long. He took out his cell phone and, with a single call, got Xia Mo’s father his job back. This was how Xia Mo and Ou Chen’s fates intertwined.

From that day on, Ou Chen become a fixed presence in Xia Mo’s life, and she in his. He even got her and Yi Cheng to transfer to his elite school.

“Are you two nervous?” Mr. Chiang asked. It was Xia Mo and Yi Cheng’s first day at the new school and Ou Cheng got a personal chauffeur to drive them.

“A bit, but I’m excited as well.” Yi Cheng answered happily whereas Xia Mo, who was looking out the window, kept silent.

“My daughter goes to the school too. Maybe you’ll meet her later.” Mr. Chiang said. He peered curiously at Xia Mo in the rearview mirror. He has worked as a chauffeur for the Ou family for several years now but he has never seen the young master treat anyone like he did her. Mr. Chiang has always pitied the young master, who was never like any other kids his age. Young master was so detached from everyone else; it was like he was living in his own world. It seems, now, that this young lady was somehow permitted into that world.

When they arrived at the school, they saw that Ou Chen was already there, waiting. Most of the school was there too, buzzing about the rare appearance of Young Master Ou. The students kept their distance, however, both in awe and in fear. As soon as Xia Mo steps out of the car, Ou Chen hurried to her side and took her hand. The crowd went wild. The same thoughts were running through everyone’s mind. Who was this girl? How can she bring out such a caring look to the young master’s usually expressionless face? Ou Chen tightly gripped Xia Mo’s hand and turned to the students. A hush descended.

“This Yi Xia Mo,” Ou Chen declared, “She is my girlfriend.”

The entire crowd stared in shock. Ou Chen was the school idol. With his good looks and family background, he was every girl’s fantasy. Though there was an aura around him that prevents other from getting close, many brave souls have tried to confess their love to him. Of course, all were coldly rejected. Now this girl, this Yi Xia Mo, has somehow done what none of them was able to do. Jealousy sprung in the girls’ hearts, but no one dared to voice it. Ou Chen was basically royalty at the school, even the teachers have no control over him. As Xia Mo is his girlfriend, it goes without saying that she is royalty too; no one is to mess with her. Of course, with that reputation, Xia Mo received more attention than she ever did. Following that first day, Xia Mo found herself surrounded by people who declared themselves to be her best friends. Girls fussed over her, complimenting her beauty, her intelligence, her elegance. The guys kept a respectful distance, not wanting to create any misunderstanding for Ou Chen. Xia Mo ignored all of this, however, and, beside with Ou Chen, no one really hear her talk. The “admirers,” discouraged by her continuing silence, has left one by one. As Yi Cheng studied in a different building and Ou Chen gone most of the time due to his activities as heir, Xia Mo was usually alone at school. Xia Mo never minded; she actually prefers the solitude to the faked companionships.

Five years have passed since then. Ou Chen is now 19 and Xia Mo, 16. Ou Chen was abroad on one of his “heir” trip again, therefore Xia Mo has no activities after school. While waiting for her father to come home for dinner, Xia Mo sat beneath the cherry tree in her courtyard, enjoying the moment of peace. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Their petals were in a delicate shade of pink, so pale that it’s almost clear, contrasting with the emerald sky above. Xia Mo’s stretched her delicate, porcelain neck to smell the light fragrance, her shiny hair unfolding behind her like black waves. A light breeze caused the petals to fall, like pink crystal snow or thin broken pieces of a fragile heart. Hearing footsteps, Xia Mo turned her head, the peaceful look still present in her doe-like eyes, with a smile of contentment on her face. That was the first time Luo Xi has set eyes on Yi Xia Mo.

“Everyone, this is Luo Xi.” Yi Pa announced at dinner, “He’s going to be a part of our family from now on.”

“What do you mean, Dad?” Xia Mo asked.

“I mean that I’m going to adopt Luo Xi,” Yi Pa answered, “Let’s see. Luo Xi is seventeen, so that makes him your older brother. You two have to take care of him now.”

“Oh, I will!” Yi Cheng said excitedly, “I’ll take great care of Ge Ge!” His cheeks flushed red with excitement, his large eyes flashed at the older brother sitting at the table.

Xia Mo did not reply nor did she voice the feeling of dread that has been creeping into her the whole night. Her dad’s attention has been solely focused on that boy, even giving him Yi Cheng’s favorite chicken wings, without a single thought for her little brother. Her mother, on the other hand, was quieter than usual, her eyes never leaving the bowl of rice.

“Xia Mo?” Yi Pa called, pulling Xia Mo out of her reverie.

Under her father’s gaze, Xia Mo pretended to smile and asked, “He’s the older brother. Shouldn’t he take care of us?”

“Luo Xi has been through a lot,” Yi Pa replied, looking at the boy with affection, then back at her, “So Xia Mo must take care of your older brother for me, alright?”


Xia Mo once again looked at the youth sitting next to her father. Whether in reality or in dreams, she has never seen someone more beautiful than this boy. His skin was like white silk, soft and inviting, his eyes like agate, twinkling in the light, his hair, black with a slight luster, and though he was wearing some old clothes, in him, they were like royal robes.

Luo Xi also looked at her.

He has on a strange thin smile and, though he was looking at her, it doesn’t seem like he sees her, as if there was a hazy, white mist enveloping his whole body, preventing from anyone to see right through him. Xia Mo is scared of that mist, that shroud of mystery.

She looked at him, this fear throbbing inside her. With the cherry tree in his background, Luo Xi looked like a fairy from a storybook. He is too beautiful and that beauty is terrifying.

He tilt back to look at her straight in the eyes.

Such beautiful eyes,

Hidden beneath an enchanting mist of silk

Xia Mo is scared. He is really like a fairy. He smiles, taunting, as if he knows what she’s thinking, making his beauty more arrogant, more intense. Behind him, the garden seems to be enclosed under the damp, white mist.

“You do not have to worry,” Luo Xi whispered to their father, “I will take care of myself.” His voice was full of gentle humility, without the slightest shadow of mockery, his taunting smile all but gone.

Xia Mo was startled by this, her eyes narrowed in suspicion. This guy is definitely not simple.

Yi Pa’s face reflected some uneasiness, “Good. Good,” he repeated, “I’ve already taken care of the school’s paperwork so Xiao Xi, you don’t have to worry.” He couldn’t help but to glance at Xia Mo, “Xiao Mo…you…”

Yi Ma watched her daughter silently.

“Jie!” Yi Cheng asked innocently while still eating, “Do you not like Luo Xi Ge?”

“Eat your food faster. You still have homework to do after dinner.” Xia Mo replied curtly, picking up a piece of chicken and placing it in his bowl. Then she put down her chopsticks, and with eyes as clear as the summer’s sky, looked at her father, and said, “I know. I’ll help Dad take care of my brother.”

Yi Pa smiled and leaned back in his chair in relief, as if he has been waiting for her to say this the whole time. Luo Xi quietly drank his soup, his eyes, indifferent. Yi Ma got up, went into the kitchen, and, until the end of dinner, did not come out.

Ever since Luo Xi came into the house, nothing was the same. Yi Pa’s attention was completely focused on him and Yi Ma became gloomy and quiet. Things at school were worse, if that was even possible. Luo Xi, as Xia Mo expected, turned into the school’s sensation. Rumors about him flew everywhere. Blushing girls whispered to each other, students gathered in corridors in excited discussions, numerous small pieces of paper passed from class to class until every student knows about the transfer youth. Groups of people gathered at his classroom’s door, pushing each other, trying to get a glimpse of this legend. When the door opened, the flood of students fell in, all wide eyed and curious, wondering who this transfer student is.

“Where is he?”

“Transfer student!!”


Xia Mo was walking with Yi Cheng, getting ready to go home, when she saw the commotion in the corridor.

“What’s going on?” she asked a girl standing nearby

The girl turned, annoyed at being interrupt until she recognized the Young Master’s girlfriend.

“We’re waiting for the transfer student,” she whispered, giggling, “Everyone wants to see if he’s as beautiful as they said.”

“Jie!” Yi Cheng called, excitedly pulling on Xia Mo’s hand, “It seems like everybody really like Luo Xi Ge.”

Xia Mo did not answer.

“Xiao Cheng likes Luo Xi Ge, too!”

Xia Mo glanced down at her little brother, “Do you?” she asked absently, “Why?”

“Because my brother is beautiful!” Yi Cheng answered, his eyes sparkling, “And he seems like a good person.”

Xia Mo watch as he bounced happily in front of her and couldn’t help but smiled at his infectious happiness though her heart was gripped by a sudden sadness.

“Is he so beautiful?” she whispered to herself

“Ah!” someone at the front of the corridor cried out.


There was only the sound of quiet breathing.


There was no sound at all.

The corridor was completely silent. No one was breathing and all the heartbeats, at that instant, disappeared.

“Luo Xi Ge is really pretty!” Yi Cheng exclaimed, running back to take Xia Mo’s hand.

The crowd began to merge and move along, following its beautiful leader. The shadow of the mass thinned out to the shadows of two. Xia Mo and Yi Cheng began walking toward the streets.

A black Lincoln limousine was waiting for them but, except for the first day, Xia Mo had refused to use Ou Chen’s chauffeur

“My brother is really beautiful.” Yi Cheng repeated.

Xia Mo said nothing.

“But,” Yi Cheng continued, “my sister is the most beautiful one.”

Xia Mo smiled, her icy demeanor melting.

The two siblings walked hand and hand down the street, with the black Lincoln following them, always maintaining the distance of five feet.

Luo Xi became to the school’s idol, the most popular boy. Almost all women, from young students to female teachers, were fascinated with him. He was the perfect prince. He has a beautiful face, a modest personality, a gentle character and no matter who was talking to him, even if she is the ugliest girl, he would smile as if she was a beautiful princess.

Luo Xi’s smile.

It was like a hidden weapon in a perfect murder.

Since the first day he came, all of the students were obsessed with his thrilling smile.

The poets said his smile is like a gentle spring breeze gently blowing over the green meadow.

The artists said it was the smile that could pierce through the soul.

The hopeless romantics said it was a smile of childhood loneliness.

The shallower ones said that his smile is simply sexy.

The topic of Luo Xi’s smile blew up the school’s forum for ten days, with all the students fiercely debating how to describe it. Finally, everyone agrees on “soft.” Indeed, what other word can describe this perfect youth? As the students got to know him, the more elegant Luo Xi became. With his perfect grades and good treatment to everyone, everyone realizes how different this prince is from the school’s other idol, Ou Chen. The words associated with Ou Chen, “cold,” “malicious,” “sexy,” can come nowhere near this man.

When the midterm results got posted on the school’s bulletin board, all the students crowd around nervously, trying to find their score.

“Oh! Luo Xi is first in his year!” screamed a girl, covering her mouth in surprise.

People looked down on her with contempt, “Why the fuss? Of course, our Luo Xi is first. There’s no surprise there.”

“Luo Xi is so handsome in every way!”


“Luo Xi is perfect!”


“Luo Xi will belong to all of us! No one can claim him for themselves!”


Moved, all the girls hugged each other and made their vow. Such as Luo Xi can only occur in fairy tales, this kind of prince cannot belong exclusively to one girl. He is everyone’s, the dream that they all want. They can only appreciate him from afar; no one can privately give him gifts, love letters, or try to date him.

If anyone dared to get close to Luo Xi-

She would have to face the whole school!


It was late afternoon; Xia Mo was walking home from school while listening to music from her headphones. Yi Cheng has painting class at the studio today, so Xia Mo will have to come back later to pick him up.

The black Lincoln, as always, stayed five feet behind her.

Xia Mo stopped.

The Lincoln also stopped.

She turned around, and gestured to that bright luxurious car. The Lincoln drove and stopped next to her. A chauffeur in a white uniform with gold buttons got off and respectfully bowed.

“Miss Yi.”

“Mr. Chiang, please go back. You don’t have to follow me every day like this.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Yi, but this is the Young Master’s command.” Mr. Chiang said, embarrassed, “My job is to prepare the car for you to use every day.”

“But I’ve never used your car.”

“Young Master had said that you might not use the car, but I must still serve you.”

“I will tell him that you are diligent every day,” Xia Mo replied, “He will not find out. Zhen En is sick today and missed class. You should go home and take care of her.”

Mr. Chiang’s daughter, Zhen En, is Xia Mo’s classmate. However, due to the fact that Mr. Chiang is Xia Mo’s driver, the two barely talk to each other. The news that Xia Mo actually noticed that his daughter was not in class and took the time to find out why startled Mr. Chiang.

“Well – I – umm,” stuttered Mr. Chiang, still too surprised to speak properly, “ I- I appreciate the gesture, Miss, but I must do what the Young Master told me.”

Xia Mo sighed, trying to think of ways to change the old man’s mind when a familiar figure entered her sight.

Silhouetted against the blue sky, the towering cedar tree moved along with the wind, which carries with it the drifting scent of spring. Standing beside the tree is the handsome Luo Xi, who is facing a chubby blushing girl.

The chubby girl held up a brown box with a pink ribbon tied to it, her hands shaking, and in a trembling voice, mustered out, “This is my…I….do you want to eat….hope you like it…….”

Luo Xi took the box from the girl and gently untied the ribbon.

His slender crystal fingers lightly picked up a biscuit and put it in his mouth.

He smiled softly, “Thank you. I will eat it well.”

All blood in the girl’s body rushed up in her head, her face reddened as she desperately gasped for breath,

“Luo Xi…..I love you!” she blurted

Luo Xi’s eyes are black and twinkling, the light on his face made it as beautiful as cherry blossoms. He gently placed his fingers on the girl’s cheek, lightly reached down, and softly placed a kiss on it.

“Thank you.”

His voice is beautiful and as soft as the morning fog.

The girl was stunned. She stood still for a while, then ran away screaming and dancing as if she were mad as Luo Xi calmly continued walking.

Xia Mo recovered from the sight, and turned to Mr. Chiang, “Well, I will not force you, but please do not call for me in front of the whole school. Zhen En and I are classmates, it will embarrass her.

“But Young Master-“

“I’ll explain to him. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, Miss Yi.”

Mr. Chiang bowed respectfully before getting back in the car.

Xia Mo put her headphones back on and continued to walk home slowly.

The afternoon sun shined brightly and the green leaves shook in their branches, with the blue sky filling in the gap between each leaf as it was a painting. Luo Xi walked in front and Xia Mo walked behind, the road between them cannot be shortened, as is the distance of the black Lincoln.

At a roadside trashcan, Luo Xi carelessly tossed in the cookie box along with the crumbled ribbon. He took a handkerchief out of his pockets and carefully wiped his fingers, then tossed the handkerchief in the trashcan also.

Xia Mo was shocked. Luo Xi turned back to look at her, tilting his head at a taunting angle with an enchanting hint of smile, as if he knew she was watching the entire time.

Xia Mo felt disgusted as she watched Luo Xi at home. His actions were all hypocritical in her eyes: his quiet conversations at dinner, his humbleness when showing his perfect grades, his polite offers to help Yi Ma. Yi Ma…Xia Mo smiled secretly; at least her mom isn’t so easily swayed; she literally flinched when Luo Xi reached to take the dishes from her. Yi Pa, on the other hand, poured out endless praises for the youth.

“Our Luo Xi is so smart,” Yi Pa repeated for what seemed like the thousandth time, “He just transferred and yet is already firs-”

Xia Mo shot up from the couch, unable to take it anymore.

“Where are you going, Xiao Mo?” Yi Pa asked, startled.

“It’s about time for me to go pick Xiao Cheng up.” Xia Mo answered, getting her bag.

“Oh. Well, be careful. It’s about to get dark out.” Yi Pa said.

Xia Mo nodded and started heading out. She paused when she got to the door and turned around.

“Dad?” Xia Mo called.

“Yes?” Yi Pa answered, looking up.

“Xiao Cheng also got first in his class,” Xia Mo said, “And the painting he did passed the first round of competition. I was thinking that maybe we should get him a present to encourage him.”

“How wonderful!” Yi Ma gushed.

“Yes, wonderful!” Yi Pa laughed, “Of course we should get him a present. Xia Mo, you go pick it out. You know what he likes.”

“OK, Dad.” Xia Mo replied, lifting her eyes to look at Luo Xi, his smile frozen in place.


Summer was approaching. One can tell by the sudden hot days in early June as if the Earth was trying to give a taste of summer before it actually hits. It was afternoon, a while before class starts, and all were quiet in the classrooms. Students lay on their desks, trying to catch up on sleep and resist the heat waves rolling from the window. The square outside the classroom were like an iron barbeque, where if a student would casually stroll across, sweats would roll down their body in gallons. Everyone was waiting in silence for the school bell to ring.


There was a cry and a rumbling noise coming from the open square.

All the students who were yawning before rushed to the windows to see the excitement outside.

A bunch of girls were chasing a female out of the bathroom. The girl they were chasing was rather chubby; her ears were red from beatings, her hair disheveled, her lips bleeding, and her uniform torn.

“I’m not lying! I’m not!” The chubby girl yelled, with tears running down both her eyes.

“Shut up!” One of the girl yelled back, “There is no way that Luo Xi would ever kiss a pig like you!”

“He did! I gave him biscuits and he kis-” Her words were cut off as the other girl kicked her down.

“Stupid, stinking pig!” The others yelled, “Who are you fooling?! If Luo Xi actually kissed your pig head, we would all die in front of you!”

“He did kiss me! He did!”

More tears flowed down the girl’s cheeks. To her, the pain of them not believing her exceeded the pain of their fists.

“Crazy pig! We’re going to kill you!”

Fists rained heavily down on the chubby girl as legs swing out to kick her.

“Luo Xi! Help me! Luo Xi … …” The chubby girl cried out, covering her head as she tried to dodge.

That seemed to provoke the other girls more. To hear her call out their precious prince’s name made the fists came down even harder.

Each classroom windows were full of watching students in heated discussion.

“What? Luo Xi actually kissed that pig?”

“Stop it! Of course not!”

“Are you soft in the head?!Why would Luo Xi do that? It must be that fatty lying!”

“Damn it! How dare she!”

“Kill her!”

“Kill her! Kill her!”

From the windows of the classrooms around the square, all the girls were angrily shouting and cheering, unable to bear the insult the chubby girl was bearing on their prince.

“Luo Xi …Luo …Xi … …”

The chubby girl cried as she knelt in the middle of the ground, clinging her head while hoping a miracle would occur. Suddenly, it was as if a miracle did occur. The girls beating her froze as if someone has hit the pause button.

Every student in every class was at the window.

The scorching sun was bearing down,

Heating up the dazzling earth.

Luo Xi, the dazzling Luo Xi, walked onto the square. It was boiling but the prince looked relax, as if there was a transparent glass surrounding him, so crystal clear, blocking out the angry sun, making him even more beautiful.

He came quietly.

The whole world becomes quiet.

“Luo Xi!” The chubby girl cried, crawling out and shouting his name.

“Luo Xi … … they don’t believe me…that you kissed me … …” She climbed onto his body, hugging his legs, her dirty hands left streaks on his pants, her whole body spent.

Luo Xi knelt down.

He gently used his fingers to hold up the girl’s face, staring at bruised her cheeks and swollen lips, reached into his pockets, pulled out a clean handkerchief and put it in her palm.

“You’re hurt.” He whispered with pity.

Shock spread through the entire school!

The girls in class were all transfixed at the window!

“Luo Xi, tell them … … … … … … you kissed me. I did not lie … … you really kissed me … … … … “ chubby girl cried, firmly grasping the Luo Xi’s arm.

Luo Xi looked at her.

There was pity in his eyes, but also confusion.

“But,” he said quietly, “I have never seen you before.”

He apologized then stood up, bowed to the chubby girl, and walked away, disappearing in the beautiful back of the second year classroom corridor.

The chubby girl continued to kneel on the ground in the square, her mouth wide open. She could not say anything, everything seemed like a sick joke.

“You’re dead, pig! I knew you lied!”

All the girls began punching and kicking her again, their eyes filled with hatred.

“Kill her!”

“You liar! Damn you!”

“Kill her! Kill her!”

In each, classroom window, girls angrily started chanting, their anger stronger than the heat.


The chubby girl started crying again, while trying to doge the fists. All the other girls were out of breath but their own evil kept them going.

“Stop.” A faint voice said.

The girls were kicking in full swing and looked back anger. The speaker was no one other than Yi Xia Mo.

“Go away!” A girl with short hair said fiercely, “This is none of your business.”

“You are too loud and disturbing my sleep.” Yin Xia Mo replied dismissively, “So of course it is my business.”

The chubby girl saw someone helping her and quickly hid behind Xia Mo.

“Go away unless you want to get hit too!” The girl with short hair threatened.

“Don’t,” Another girl whispered, pulling the short haired girl’s arm, “She’s Yi Xia Mo.”


“Yi Xia Mo. The Young Master’s girlfriend.”

The short haired girl swirled to look at Xia Mo. She has heard of her and knew of the Young Master’s legendary love for this girl but has never seen her in person. So this is Yi Xia Mo.

The sun shined down on the girl, a seaweed-like thick hair, slightly curled, eyes the same as sea water, skin ivory white and though she was smiling, her eyes were indifferent.

“So what?!” The short haired girl challenged even as the others started to back off, “The Young Master had not come to school in months and even if he did, even if-”

“Run! Security is here!”

As the shadows of the security guards loomed larger, all the girls ran off in different directions.

In the blink of an eye, Xia Mo and the chubby girl were the only ones left in the square.

Xia Mo turned to leave.

“Thank you…” The chubby girl sobbed.

Xia Mo’s first reaction was to ignore the girl but, seeing the tears, her heart turned soft. She bent down to pick up Luo Xi’s handkerchief and put it in the girl’s hand.

“Wipe your face.”

The girl stared at her blankly.

“Also,” Xia Mo said carelessly, “Even though he really did kiss you, you shouldn’t have spread it around.”

To Xia Mo’s dismay, Luo Xi has become the family’s center of gravity. Yi Pa showered him with praises and love every day. Yi M, though unable to accept him initially, warmed up to the youth after seeing his humbleness and kindness. And Xiao Cheng, her Xiao Cheng, would follow Luo Xi like a little puppy, constantly crying out, “Luo Xi Ge, Luo Xi Ge.”

Perhaps Luo Xi was born to be a person of radiance and as long as he continued to shine brilliantly, other people can only live in the neglected corner of his shadows.

It was Saturday morning, Xia Mo was in her bed, staring at the ceiling, too lazy to get up. Due to the poor sound insulation of her door, she can hear everything that goes on in the house. Her parents had gone out after breakfast and Xiao Cheng was preparing to go to the park to draw.

“Luo Xi Ge…”

Hearing Xiao Cheng, Xia Mo frowned and turned over, not liking the admiration and yearning in her little brother’s voice.

“Xiao Cheng, what’s the matter?”

“Oh, nothing really. I just…”


“I drew this painting to give to you!”

“What a beautiful painting! In Xiao Cheng’s eyes, am I so good looking?”

“Luo Xi Ge looked so much better than in my painting!”

A small pause.

“Thank you, Xiao Cheng.”

“Luo Xi Ge…” Xiao Cheng said in a small excited voice, “Luo Xi Ge, you just hugged me…and kissed me! You like Xiao Cheng, don’t you?!”

“Yes, of course. Xiao Cheng is so well behaved and attentive.” His voice soft, like the dew from a late morning fog.

After a while, Xiao Cheng finally went out. Xia Mo relaxed in her bed and sighed, her eyes closed.

Suddenly, a strange yet familiar sound rang through the rooms.

Xia Mo sat up, startled. She quickly put on clothes, opened the door and went out.

Luo Xi was in his room, reading.

His quiet demeanor, gently flipping the pages, does indeed look like an elegant fairy tale prince.

Yin Xia Mo did not speak but walked straight into his room and looked in trashcan, no. She glanced at him coldly, walked out, went to the trashcan in the living room, no. She then went into the kitchen and looked in the trashcan there.

Dirty trash.

Along with a discarded painting inside.

It is a beautiful painting of a boy, dressed in shining white armor, holding a silver sword, his face as noble and holy as a prince.

In the left hand corner of the painting, there was a small stain.

Xia Mo pulled the painting out from the trash, and with a clean cloth, carefully wiped the dirt off it. She bit her lips and went into the Luo Xi’s room. She walked to where he was, pulled the book out of his hands, and threw it on the ground.

Luo Xi looked up, his eyes as cold as ice. Xia Mo glared at him, her eyes just as cold.

“Xiao Cheng gave you this painting.”

Luo Xi looked at the painting in her hand with an indifferent smile.

“And?” Luo Xi’s fingers gently stroked the corner of the painting, like the caress of a lover, “Since he gave it to me, I can do whatever I want with it.”

“I’m warning you,” Xia Mo said, her voice like steel, “If you do not know how to behave in this home, I will kick you out.”

“Oh?” Luo Xi laughed

His smile as beautiful as the crimson cherry blossoms of May, his eyes like glittering crystals.

“I do not believe you have that capability.”

“If you stayed at this home for a few more months, perhaps it will take more effort. Unfortunately, your roots are not deep; you are not my opponent.”

“So confident?”

Luo Xi’s smile was even more striking.

“Would you care to try?” She asked, smiling at him.

He stared her.

She gazed back.

Two pair eyes flashed in the air.

“Alright, you win.” Luo Xi said with a smile, his face expression, gentle, sweet, “But, wait a year, you will regret that you once treated me like this.”

Xia Mo laughed lightly, “So this year, you have to tone it down, so that my parents and Xiao Cheng are happy. As to whether or not I will regret it, that’s my problem.”

She turned and left.


  1. Wonderful!!!
    Thank you a lot!
    I am looking forward to read more.
    I greatly appreciate your efforts and dedication.

  2. Great job,
    thanks for this translation


  4. thank you so much for posting this!!!!!! :)

  5. Wow this line by line translation is incredible! I really cannot fathom translating from complicated looking Chinese characters to words, but I sincerely thank you for sharing this with us through your hard work!


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