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Summer's Desire Chapter 4

Chapter 4

In school, Luo Xi’s popularity took flight, almost overtaking the Young Master’s. Before, the girls only see Luo Xi as good and gentle, but after the thief incident, he is a star-crossed prince, innocent yet suffering, his soft smile, a thin fragile light. For not coming to his aid when he was misunderstood, every girl blamed herself. So they swore.

In the future, they would love more, care more and protect their Luo Xi.

Whenever Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng got home from school, a variety of gifts would be laying in front of their doorstep. The mailbox was filled with many letters addressed to Luo Xi. One time, a cute girl even hid in the corner of the street of their house but ran away, blushing, when Xia Mo saw her. Yi Pa laughed, saying that Luo Xi was so popular that he could even become a star in the future.


Recently, Xiao Cheng seemed to have something on his mind. He ate very little, would spend hours sitting in front of an empty canvas foolishly, and did not even seem to hear when Xia Mo called him. Later, when Xia Mo asked, Xiao Cheng revealed that he was worried about what to get their mother for her birthday. Every year before, he would always paint her a painting for a present but he wanted to give her something special this year.

“Xiao Cheng,” Xia Mo tried to comfort him, “No matter what you give Mom, she will be very happy. If you want to buy some gifts, Jie will give you the money, alright?”

Xiao Cheng nodded.

Two days later, Xia Mo was watering the flowers while Luo Xi was playing the guitar when Xiao Cheng came in, excited, holding a newspaper.

“Jie! Luo Xi Ge!”

On the front page, there was an article about a new TV show called, “Superstar,” which is a singing competition where contestants, regardless of age, can entered with their choice of song. There will be celebrity judges, each with a small gong, and when the one of the gongs sound, the contestant have to stop singing. Each contestant will get prize money, depending on the number of seconds they were able to sing. Those who sang the longest will go to the next round and get a bonus prize.

“Can we go?” Xiao Cheng asked excitedly, “Luo Xi Ge’s singing is really good so we’ll win for sure. And the first day of competition is Mom’s birthday! We’ll go on TV and sing for Mom. She’ll be very happy!”

Xia Mo rubbed her forehead, trying to think of how to refuse without hurting Xiao Cheng’s feelings.

“I’m not going.” Luo Xi said, his voice final.

Xiao Cheng looked at him, surprised and confused, “Luo Xi Ge…”

“Hey!” Xia Mo yelled. He was too straightforward.

Luo Xi looked at her coldly, the all too familiar evil smile spreading on his face. Without another word, he got up and went into the house.

Xiao Cheng looked down.

Xia Mo could see the tears forming in his eyes as Xiao Cheng struggled not to let them fall.

“Xiao Cheng, we can give Mom another gift. How about… perfume? Or a necklace” Although she does not like the idea of participating in a TV show, seeing the how disappointed her brother was made her heart ache.

Xiao Cheng did not speak but gave a small nod.

Teardrops fell down gently on the garden soil.

Xia Mo quickly hugged him.

“Xiao Cheng, be good. Don’t cry. Do you really want to go?”

Xiao Cheng nodded.

“Well,” she took a deep breath, “I’ll go with you. But we’re not very good at singing so if we don’t pass, don’t be too disappointed, alright?”


Xiao Cheng sobbed and snuggled into her arms, like a little child.

Xiao Mo was sure that it would be impossible for the two of them to even pass the screen test and appear on TV. But it turned out that not many people knew about the contest thus very few people actually signed up.

The first test is a screening in front of the staffs.

She and Xiao Cheng sang their school song.

The song itself was very immature.

But the staff seemed to have more interest in Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng than their singing. They kept looking at the siblings up and down, whispering words such as, “handsome,” and “so cute” over and over again.

They kindly told Xia Mo that the two had passed the screening and can come to record the program on Saturday. Xia Mo was stunned , unable to move, while Xiao Cheng excitedly jumped up and down.

Even during dinner at home, Xia Mo was still in a dazed state. She stared at the bowl of rice, all appetite gone. Although she does not care if they win or not, she does not want to look like an idiot in front of live television. She sat in a daze for a long time, not aware of the worried looks Yi Ma and Yi Pa been throwing her.

After dinner,


Xia Mo called Luo Xi. She pretended to be calm and light, but a faint redness in her cheeks betrayed her.

The dark night.

The golden moon.

Beneath the cherry blossoms tree.

“You want me to teach you how to sing?”

Luo Xi looked at her with a faint smile. She could not stand his mocking eyes and wanted to turn and leave. But she needed his help.

“This is to repay the favor from last time.” She replied dismissively

“Why should I need to repay you?” he asked, leaning against the tree trunk, smiling beautifully, “Did I begged you to help me? I think not.”

Xia Mo narrowed her eyes.

“Of course, I can teach you to sing,” Luo Xi carelessly strung the guitar, “But you have to remember that you owe me now. You have to repay me someday.”

She glared at him. This kid-

He saw the way she looked at him and smiled lightly, “What song are you going to sing?”

Xia Mo thought for a while, “How about that song that you always sing? It sounds good.”

The whole night.

Luo Xi playing the guitar under the tree.

Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng practicing over and over again.

“The black cat is a stray cat

It has never drank happy milk

On a stormy night

The black cat can only eat rotten vegetables from the junk

The little boy is just a boy

Without a past, without a future

On a stormy night

The little boy can only stare helplessly at his fear

On a windy night

where the cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk

On a windy night

where cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk

From then on, they both understood love”

The full moon hung in the night sky, the cheerful songs seemed to make the tree branches chuckled together. Sing and sing until Xia Mo’s throat began to dry and Xiao Cheng got breathless.

Xia Mo sat on the granite platform to rest and worriedly asked, “How was our singing?”

Luo Xi put down the guitar, his fingers aching, “Do you want the truth?”

Xia Mo sighed, suddenly depressed as Luo Xi laughed.


Time flew by.

In a blink of an eye, it was Saturday.

In the TV dressing room, all of the contestants were anxiously preparing for the recording. Some were fixing their make-up, some were warming up their throats, others checked their wardrobes to make sure that all were perfect. Music started in the hall as the two hosts presented the guest judges, cheers of excitement could be heard from the live audience.

In a small corner of the dressing room.

“Jie…you…” Xiao Cheng, huddled next to Xia Mo, watching the other contestants, asked a little fearfully, “Are you nervous…?”

Xia Mo was listening to the song on her headphones, her eyes closed.


The sound resonated from the music hall as the judge hit the gong, stopping a contestant. Laughter was heard as the host announced the time was 20 seconds.

Xiao Cheng pressed closer to Xia Mo.

“Jie, do you think we can sing for a few seconds?”

At that time, a staff came in and shouted, “Almost time! Number 7 get ready! Hurry! Come on!”

Xia Mo stood up and took off her headphones. She stretched, gently wiped the sweats off her hand, and pulled Xiao Cheng up. She put her hands on his shoulders and looked him firmly in the eyes, “Just remember. When you get on stage, pretend that all of the audience are dead.”

Xiao Cheng shivered, “I…I…I’m afraid of the dead.”

Xia Mo took a deep breath, “Did you tell Mom to watch yet?”

“I did. I was afraid that she might forget so I program the TV to automatically turn on for this program.”

“Number 7 is almost done! Number 8 get ready! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!!”

“Don’t worry, I’m right here.” Xia Mo smiled calmly, “When you’re onstage, just think of all the people as radishes and cabbages, alright?

Xiao Cheng forced a nod.

Xia Mo took his hand and walked out. Suddenly, without knowing how, her feet hook onto a leg of a chair and almost made her trip. Xiao Cheng saw a panic flashed across her face before she coughed and recovered her calm demeanor.

In front of the live music hall.

The ceiling lights are dazzlingly bright, red roses were scattered across the stage to give a feeling of magnificent luxury as white smoke continually swirled from the dry ice. Audiences filled every seats of the auditorium, each holding a light stick. The three judges sat in front of the stage. In the middle seat is the famous singer Hua Mei Feng. The other two judges were male singers, not as well known.

The two hosts talked excitedly to one another,

“That was just a brilliant dance!”

“Ah, yes. Unfortunate, he was not careful and fell. Oh, well. Just practice more next time.”

“As of now, the longest time of performance is 58 seconds from contestant number 3.”

“Can no one break this record?”

“Next up to perform are the lovely Yi siblings!”

“Right! These two will sing a song called “Black Cat and Milk.”

“Yes, what a funny song that is.”

“Will these two beautiful brother and sister put on an amazing performance?”

“Let us welcome the Yi siblings!”

Music sounded as white smoke spread around the stage. A beautiful girl pulled a boy from the dark backstage onto the bright spotlight.

At the Yi resident, the TV suddenly turned on. Yi Pa was in the rocking chair, smoking while Yi Ma was wiping the floor. Both looked up at the TV, startled.

On a splendid stage, under the dazzling while light, a pair of siblings, holding hands, laughed like angles, turned to the camera, and said, “We want to dedicate this song to our mom. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!”

Onstage, Xia Mo mad a sign to the sound director.

The music stopped.

The audience and the judges were all stunned.

Looking at the mischievous smiles on the siblings’ faces, everyone realized that it was a false start. Xiao Cheng and Xia Mo looked at each other, jumped sideways, clapped, and briskly dance.





Music started once again, a fast paced rhythm with an R&B style, Xiao Cheng and Xia Mo started a playful dance.

On the large screen, the number of seconds started ticking away.

“The black cat is a stray cat

It has never drank happy milk

On a stormy night

The black cat can only eat rotten vegetables from the junk

The little boy is just a boy

Without a past, without a future

On a stormy night

The little boy can only stare helplessly at his fear

On a windy night

where the cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk

On a windy night

where cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk

From then on, they both understood love”

Along with the music, Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng put on many naughty and cute poses with very expressive faces so that the audience couldn’t help but waved their hands and light sticks along with the song.

On the large screen, the numbers of seconds quickly increased.

“45 seconds!”

“46 seconds!”

“47 seconds!”


All of the attention was focused on the two siblings on stage; no one noticed a young figure hiding in the dark corner of the auditorium.

She’s even smarter than he imagined, Luo Xi thought, chuckling. She turned the R&B song into a rap, light, satirical, lively, and moving. The “Hi’s” and “Yo’s” alone took up a lot of time.

He looked at Xia Mo.

Among the numerous light sticks, she had the biggest smile on her face, her eyes shining bright, her feet moving in quick and youthful dance steps. Compared to the usual cold Yi Xia Mo, she seemed to be a completely different person, in a completely different world.

The first part of the song was finished.

Luo Xi suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Xia Mo appeared to have stiffened and tension was clear across her face.

Under the hot spotlight.

Cold sweats formed on her tightly gripped hands.

During rehearsal, she had Xiao Cheng memorize the rap part while she will sing the melody alone. She had told Xiao Cheng to stay calm.

She is the sister.

The sister who has a brother that relies on her. She cannot panic. However, her heart began to race, her head started to spin, the music buzzed in her ears as Xiao Cheng sang out the last sentence of the rap.

Xia Mo gritted her teeth.

She closed her eyes, tried to make herself forget all of the distractions, opened her mouth and started to sing. However, she cannot hear anything.

There was no music.


The background music had stopped playing.

The auditorium suddenly became quiet. The sound director rushed to check the machines. The audience looked at one another; the judges also looked at each other.


At the study in Ou Chen’s house.

“Young Master.” Butler Shen knocked on the door and came in.

He went to Ou Chen’s side and whispered a few words. Ou Chen frowned, pick up the TV remote and on the flat screen appeared a familiar female figure.

On the gorgeous pink stage, the crystal chandeliers shined down as she stood alone, her flawless limbs stiff, and though she had on a mask of calmness, her lips are getting paler and paler.

She cannot hear the music.

Yi Xia mo stood foolishly under the glaring spotlight.

She cannot hear the music. Her mind was completely blank; she cannot remember anything, not the lyrics, not the melodies. The more she told herself she cannot panic, she could not panic, the more confused she felt. Like a child who lost her mother, she stood stiffly, not knowing what to do, her whole body like ice.

On the large screen,

The seconds continued to increase

“52 seconds!”

“53 seconds!”

“54 seconds!”


In the auditorium, the crowd began to whisper in anxiety and agitation. One of the male judge picked up the wooden stick, shaking his head, and prepared to hit the gong.

“A little boy is just a boy

Without a past, without a future

On a stormy night

The little boy can only stare helplessly at his fear

On a windy night

where the cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk”

The voice was very pure, vulnerable, and childlike.

The song rang throughout the auditorium.

With no microphone and no background music, the voice stood out even further, entered the ears of the audience and exploded in their hearts like fireworks. Hua Mei Feng moved the gong so that the male judege’s wooden stick hit the empty air.

A young figure from the audience stood up.

Suddenly the spotlight moved to him, casting out a white light, making his eyes as bright as stars, his skin as beautiful as cherry blossoms.

Luo Xi came up on the stage, singing.

He smiled and rubbed Xiao Cheng’s head, and put his left hand around Xia Mo’s shoulder as she looked at him blankly. Luo Xi stood in the middle of the stage, his left hand moved down to take Xia Mo’s while his right hand clasped Xiao Cheng’s, his beautiful voice singing.

“On a windy night

where the cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk

On a windy night

where the cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk

From then on, they both understood love

From then on, they both understood love”

At that time, the machines have been fixed and music re-enter the auditorium with its cheerful rhythm. Xia Mo took a deep breath, trying to retrieve her calmness, and began to sway to the beat.

“Hey! Hi! Yo! Yo!”

Xiao Cheng immediately understood what his sister was trying to do and rap along with her.

“Hey! Hi! Yo! Yo!”

Luo Xi continued singing the melody.

Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng jumped to the sides in mischievous steps, while continuing to make exaggerated expression to the lyrics.

“The black cat is a stray cat

It has never drank happy milk

On a stormy night

The black cat can only eat rotten vegetables from the junk

The little boy is just a boy

Without a past, without a future

On a stormy night

The little boy can only stare helplessly at his fear

On a windy night

where the cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk

On a windy night

where cherry blossoms bloomed

The black cat met the boy

The boy gave it a bowl of warm milk

From then on, they both understood love”

Applause flooded the auditorium as the audience cheered in excitement while the two hosts watched from the side. The two male judges began to applause as well whereas Hua Mei Feng leaned back comfortably and twirled the wooden stick.

On the large screen, the number of second continued to grow.

“136 seconds!”

“137 seconds!”

“138 seconds!”


In the Yi’s living room

A surprised Yi Ma stood in front on the TV while Yi Pa stood behind her. On the TV screen, Luo Xi, Xia Mo, and Xiao Cheng were bowing to the audience and judges, then all three turned to the camera and said loudly,

“Mom, Happy Birthday!”


In Ou Chen’s study room

Ou Chen sat in his black leather chair as he stared at Xia Mo on the screen.

His gaze moved down to her hand, which tightly clasped Luo Xi’s.

Ou Chen’s eyes narrowed and, in a flash, he turned off the TV.


At night.

Yi Pa and Yi Ma had gone to their room after attending a small celebratory party under the cherry blossoms tree. Xiao Chen had still not calm down and continued to sing and dance around the garden, causing all the birds to fly away from the branches.

Until, finally exhausted, he laid down on Xia Mo’s leg, asleep.

The night continued on.

A faint fog swirled around the garden.

The faint moonlight shined through.

In Luo Xi’s hands, there were two cans of beer. He opened one and took a big swig. He held the other in front of Xia Mo,

“Do you drink?” he challengingly asked

She took it and drank until there was nothing else inside the can but some bubbles.

“Any more?” she asked defiantly

Like magic, Luo Xi kept producing can after can of beer, as if he had a vending machine behind him. She did not ask him where the beer came from, he did not ask her where she learned to drink, she did not ask him why he appeared suddenly in the TV station, and he did not ask her why she suddenly froze.

Beneath the cherry blossoms, under the moonlight.

They drank countless beers.

Until the two of them were slightly drunk.

Her eyes got brighter as her cheeks grew crimson. Dizziness came over her as well as a spontaneous need to laugh. They laughed embarrassingly at first, but it seemed funnier and funnier as the two laughed in heaps. It wasn’t until Xiao Cheng moved uncomfortably in her arms did she drunkenly moved her finger to her lips, gesturing silence.

Her finger was as white as the moon, bright and clear.

Her delicate lips.

Luo Xi suddenly felt a shiver as the night wind blew the leaves around them. The stars blinked as if they were eyes, and a white mist twirled around as if in an enchanting dance.

Xia Mo held up a can of beer, a little drunk, her eyes struggled to stay open, “Luo Xi, I welcome you to this house.”

She gently touched the beer can in his hand. The two cans, upon contact, made a crisp sound that rang through the stillness of the night.

“Because of what happened today, you’ve decided not to hate me anymore?” Luo Xi asked

She continued drinking the beer, “You know what…the truth is…I never really hated you…it’s just… you always reminded me of those…of the things…I …I tried to forget… You…you hate me don’t you…?”

She must be really drunk.

The moonlight reflected on the stone platform like water. Luo Xi’s heart suddenly missed a few beats. Light fragrance of the cherry blossoms seemed to enclose them, making the distance between the two of them decreased. Her face was so close to his that if he was to bend down, their lips would touch.

His mind blank,

Luo Xi bent over her head.

He can feel the hot breath coming from her lips. So warm. With the taste of beer. Her lips looked so soft, the same colors as the cherry blossoms beneath the moon. He leaned closer and closer, their lips were a hair width apart. So close they can feel the irregular heartbeats of the other. He leaned down as she closed her eyes, then, without a warning, her body swayed and she passed out asleep on the platform.


It was a sensation on campus.

The school’s most popular student, Luo Xi, and the Young Master’s girlfriend, Xia Mo, actually appeared on TV and got first place on the preliminary round of “Superstar.” The scene where Luo Xi, Xia Mo, and Xiao Cheng sang and danced kept playing on TV and even became front page news on many magazines and newspapers.

Students excited flocked to the side of Luo Xi and Xia Mo, cheering for them, sprouting ideas as to what song they should sing next, and what they thought of the other contestants.

The school was also very pleased as this enhanced their reputation and even sent special music and dance teachers to rehearse with them.

Since then, those three siblings spent all their free time in choir room.

Luo Xi’s voice, accompanied by the piano, would fly out of the room and was heard by all the students. Luo Xi sang perfectly and captured both the attention and heart of the music teacher, who ignored Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng, sending them to the dance teacher. Those two would dance until they’re tired out thus increasing both their appetites, making the them gained a few pounds and grew a few centimeters.

Time passed quickly.


In the second round of “Superstar,” the three siblings won again.

All of the media were shocked! More and more stories about these three appeared on television and newspaper. Many fans began to send cards and gifts to them through the TV station.

The entire school was in a highly excited state and though the final exams were approaching, all the students seemed to have forgotten. The only topic that everyone cared about was “Superstar.” The girls flocked about Luo Xi, taking pictures with him and getting his signatures. Many boys wished to do the same with Xia Mo but none dared to do so due to her relationship with the Young Master.


“What are you thinking about?” Xia Mo whispered

She and Ou Chen were in the school cafeteria.

Ou Chen’s response to the “Superstar” events was completely beyond her expectation. She had explained to him that Luo Xi was there by chance, that it wasn’t pre-arranged. If Ou Chen minded, then she will not participate in the future rounds of the competition. However, whenever she bought up the subject, Ou Chen would coldly interrupt her. He, giving off a sense of arrogance, would pushed her away, like there was a thick wall of coldness surrounding him, leaving her stunned.

She does not want to infuriate Ou Chen.

Ou Chen is dangerous.

He would be displeased even when Xiao Cheng came to hug her in his presence. Once, in a French restaurant, the waiter accidently touched her hand when taking the menu away from her. After dinner, Ou Chen summoned the restaurant manager and the waiter was fired. Because Ou Chen was so overbearing and possessive, Xia Mo tried to give him a sense of security, to get him to change. However, he would not budge.


Ou Chen lightly touched his mouth with a napkin, completely expressionless.

“If you’re not happy, then tell me.” Xia Mo said, frowning, “Participation for the “Superstar” program is not mandatory. Xiao Cheng will be disappointed, but he will-”

“I will go to France in a few days.”

He looked out the window with an air of indifference.

“Ou Chen, that Luo Xi has nothing to do with me. He’s just a child my dad adopted.” Xia Mo once again tried to explain to him. But he became silent and cold, as if she was saying some terrible things.

“I do not want to hear that guy’s name.” Ou Chen interrupted her again. He turned to gaze at her slowly, his eyes dark green, “I will solve this myself.”

“Solve? How are you going to solve?” she asked, “What are you going to solve?”

“I will be in France for about a month.” Ou Chen said smiling, his handsome face stiff, “Xia Mo, I will you back a gift.”

What is this?

Xia Mo suddenly felt helpless.


Luo Xi, Xia Mo, and Xiao Cheng began walking home from school together. Xiao Cheng would run happily in front while Luo Xi and Xia Mo walked leisurely side by side. The cedar road stretched straight into the blue sky, looking like a bridge extending into the ocean, the white clouds bordering on the sides, Xiao Cheng skipping ahead, his laughter floating gently from a distance.

Luo Xi sometimes carried her bag for her.

Surprising her with his appearance and actions.

He walked casually, flinging her bag over his shoulder, gazing at the blue sky and white clouds, his face relaxed and beautiful.

After dinner at home.

Luo Xi sat under the cherry blossoms tree, teaching Xiao Cheng how to sing. Xia Mo watered the plants, sometimes joining in the singing and conversations as laughter filled the courtyard. Luo Xi performed a magic show for Xiao Cheng who, with moist eyes, flew into his arms.

Xia Mo smiled.

Luo Xi, feeling her gaze, turned and winked at her.

A few days later.

Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng gave Luo Xi a mysterious gift inside a big box. Luo Xi took the box, opened it and leaned back in surprise. Inside the box was a beautiful cat with black, glossy fur, and amber eyes. Xia Mo smiled and told him that the cat’s name is “Milky.”

Since then, Luo Xi and Milky were stuck together like glue.

Time past day by day.

As gently as the summer breeze.

“Luo Xi Ge, we can win “Superstar,” right?” Xiao Cheng asked at dinner, his eyes bright. Last night, they just got through to the fifth round of “Superstar,” putting Xiao Cheng in an excellent mood.

“Do you want to continue?” Luo Xi asked

“Yes!” Xiao Cheng nodded fervently, “I feel so good, like I’ve already won. We’re heroes everywhere now! Luo Xi Ge is so cool. The auntie at the TV station told me that as long as we have Luo Xi Ge, we can win 10 times over. She said that Luo Xi Ge have a star’s looks and talents. Every time Luo Xi Ge appeared, all the other contestants seemed to fade.

Luo Xi chuckled.

Xia Mo looked up and met his eyes, bright like stars with a touch of childlike joy and pride. She wanted to laugh. Without knowing why, she suddenly thought of the night where they drank beer. He was so close to her then, her eyes inadvertently moved to his lips…

“You should quit painting then, Xiao Cheng, and become a star in the future.” She escaped Luo Xi’s intense gaze and joked with Xiao Cheng to hide the sudden inexplicable burst of tension in her heart.

Xiao Cheng opened his mouth, stunned, “Paint or become a star…” he appeared to think hard, “but I like to paint more… Ah! I know! Luo Xi Ge will become a star and Xiao Cheng can paint him!”

He excitedly applauded himself for thinking of such a clever and fun solution.

“I…” Yi Pa suddenly whispered

His voice was so low that Xia Mo could not hear clearly. She turned to look at her father, only to see sweats rolling down his forehead, his bowl of rice completely untouched. Xia Mo was only listening to Xiao Cheng that she did not notice how silent her father and mother were during the entire meal.

“I have some things to say…to…” Yi Pa stuttered in a strange voice.

The atmosphere in the dining room suddenly tensed. Yi Ma stared at Yi Pa, Xiao Cheng does not know what was going on but his father’s demeanor scared him, Luo Xi put down his chopsticks, and Xia Mo’s heart tightened as thoughts flashed through her head, with worries that her father was sick.

“I’m sorry…”

Yi Pa sheepishly wiped his forehead, not knowing how to continue.

“Dad,” Xia Mo whispered, “Please, tell us.”

Yi Pa looked at her in confusion then turned to gaze at the others. His eyes lingered on Luo Xi, his throat constricted, and he looked as guilty as a criminal, “I’m sorry..Xiao Xi can no longer stay here…I’m sorry…”

This one sentence.

The night seeped quietly through the window.

The room froze, the air condensed, there is no sound, no movement, as if they were in an absurd dream.

The black cat lay sleeping on the windowsill.

Too quiet, without any sound.

“What have I done wrong?” Luo Xi asked quietly, looking casually at Yi Pa with a hint of a smile on his face.

“No! It’s not your problem…it’s…it…” Yi Pa stuttered out incoherently like as sweats rolled down his forehead like beans.

Xiao Cheng was completely shocked.

The bowl in his hand slipped and the rice fell out, covering the table and vegetables.

Choking with tears, Xiao Cheng cried, “Why? Dad, why do you want to let Luo Xi Ge go? Luo Xi Ge is a good person! Luo Xi Ge is not a thief! Dad, you know! Luo Xi Ge is a good person! I love Luo Xi Ge!”

Xia Mo bit her lip.

Her heart tightened, as if a bucket of water was poured on her, the coldness filled her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.

She looked at Luo Xi.

This beautiful boy, with porcelain skin and lips like petals, sat silently as if he was in a different world.

Luo Xi’s eyes were light.

He looked indifferently compared to everyone else, as if he had already been in this nightmare scenario countless times before.


Luo Xi asked quietly, “Do you want me to go back to the orphanage tonight or tomorrow?”


“It’s Ou Chen, right?” Xia Mo was standing in front of her father in the courtyard, “Ou Chen ordered you to let Luo Xi go, right?”

She could not forgive herself.

How could she actually commit such a mistake?

Recently, her father would come home from work extremely late but she did not care and merely thought that he was working overtime. Sometimes, when she was helping her mother clean the house, she would find cigarettes butts piling up like a hill, but she did not care. One time, she woke up in the middle of the night to see her father in the garden through the window, smoking and sighing. She meant to ask him about it but with the music rehearsals and going to the TV station, she had forgotten.

Xia Mo felt cold, so cold.

It was her fault! She should have notice what was happening and fixed it before it got this far! She was a fool, a stupid, stupid fool.

Under the moonless night.

Yi Pa’s face was full of painful frustration, “Unemployment…have to leave the company…I tried…looking for other jobs…but there was nothing…”

“If Luo Xi does not leave, you will lose your job?”

Yi Pa hugged his head, his body slowly crumbled onto the cold stone platform. In the darkness of the night, his figure is like that of a tired aging bear.

She stared at him.

This vision of grief was not something someone her age should have to see.

“I’m sorry…but Young Master…If I don’t have a job…I can’t…” Her father choked up, “I’m sorry…I know what unemployment is like…scary…very scary…”

Xia Mo bit her lip.

Pain started to build up as her lip started to bleed.

But that was nothing to compare to the burning pain in her heart.

The next morning, Xia Mo went to Ou Chen’s house. The butler and maid respectfully bowed to her and told her that the Young Master had fly to France yesterday afternoon. She called Ou Chen 10 times but his phone was always turned off.

Xia Mo closed the phone.

She was sitting in the classroom as the students chattered and laughed around her. Summer was coming, the cicadas cried in the trees, and through the glass window, she could see the handsome form of Luo Xi walking across the square in the direction of the student’s office.

After school, Xia Mo sent Xiao Cheng to the studio.


She went to Ou Chen’s house.

“Please give this message to Ou Chen.” She told the butler, “If he does not call me by tomorrow, then do not ever appear in front of me again.”

“But I cannot contact the Young Master!” the butler exclaimed in panic. Butler Shen was the one that serves the Young Master while he only looked after the house.

She smiled, eyes calm and collected, “You must have ways.”

During dinner, Luo Xi had already packed everything, ready to leave for the orphanage. Xiao Cheng ate silently, his big eyes swollen from crying. He ate and cried, his tears fell drop by drop onto the table.

“Do not worry,” Yi Pa said sheepishly, “I’ve already went through the adoption procedure so after Xiao Xi took the back to the orphanage, the transfer should be easy.”

Xia Mo’s fingers tightened on the chopsticks.


Orphanage, where dozens of children slept in the same room on bunk beds, where children struggle to fight for candy and snacks. In there, there was no end to the cycle of who get adopted and who get send back. If the child was selected, he would walk out proudly. If the child was sent back, the other children would point and laughed. She vowed that she and Xiao Cheng would never go back to orphanage. No matter what kind of methods, no matter what kind of means, she will never go back to that place again.

Luo Xi sat still, his smile faint, his eyes pale, as if he already knew the outcome.

Xia Mo put some chicken wings on his bowl.

“Thank you.”

Luo Xi’s voice was polite but distance. Until the end of dinner, the chicken wings lay untouched in his bowl.

Ten o’clock that night, Xia Mo’s phone rang. She looked at the caller ID, “Ou Chen,” slowly inhaled to let her feelings calmed down, the picked up the phone.

“Hello, this is Yi Xia Mo.”

The voice on the other side sounded so far away. At the French Rose Manor, Ou Chen stood, looking out the floor window, with the moon shining down on him and the garden, the trees a subtle dark green, same color as the man’s eyes.


The dazzling bright sunlight shone through the glass windows onto the airport arrival hall, the marble floor reflected the passengers coming and going, the voice on the radio broadcast the flights delays. Luo Xi walked along, pulling his suitcase along while Xia Mo followed from behind, carrying a guitar. The entire trip, the two has not exchanged a single word.

Xiao Cheng’s grief had made him sick. He was unconscious and running a high fever. Originally, Xia Mo wanted to send Xiao Cheng to the hospital herself, but Yi Pa and Yi Ma insisted that they’ll take Xiao Cheng so that Xia Mo can go with Luo Xi to the airport.

Maybe Yi Pa and Yi Ma do not know how to face Luo Xi. In his fever, Xiao Cheng still whispered, “Luo Xi Ge,” “Luo Xi Ge.”

Finally, it was boarding time.

The airport’s central hall.

Luo Xi and Xia Mo stood before each other.

He looked at her with no emotions in his eyes.

“Thank you for sending me here.”

“I’m sorry.” She whispered

This was all she could do for him. Even if she felt sorry, this was the best she could do.

Luo Xi looked up, startled and laughed sarcastically, “Why should you be sorry? I don’t have to go back to the orphanage but can go study in England. You must have fight to ask of this from Ou Chen. I am so grateful to you. Someone as lowly as me can get such treatment from you.”

Her fingers clenched

Taking a deep breath, she tried to let him understand, “Luo Xi, this is all I can do. I cannot let Dad become unemployed, cannot let Xiao Cheng stop study painting. To study abroad is a lot better than going back to the orphanage. Ou Chen has already transferred the money to your account in the UK. You can study in peace. I’m sorry. This is my only choice. If you really hate us, then use that hatred to become stronger. Then return and made all who hurt you regret it.”

“Have you fallen for me?” Luo Xi asked carelessly, “If not, why would the Young Master go through such length to get rid of me?”

“That is what Ou Chen fears,” Xia Mo answered, “But it’s not because of you. He would have been unhappy with any guy that comes near me.”

“Since you don’t like me, will you forget me once I’m gone?”

“I will not have time think about you.”

Luo Xi smirked, “You’re too coldhearted.”

“I need to make myself stronger to protect my family.” Xia Mo replied, “I’m sorry that this has to happen to you but I promised myself that I won’t let this incident repeat itself. So I have to become stronger therefore I won’t have time to think about you.”

Luo Xi stared at her, “But I don’t like it, being forgotten so easily.”

Seeing the intensity of his gaze, Xia Mo involuntarily took a step back. Luo Xi reached out to pull her back and kissed her. He kissed her lightly at first but pulled her in closer and closer as the kiss intensified.

A boy as radiant as the sun.

A girl as beautiful as a flower.

The sunlight sprinkled from the huge window, highlighting the two figures who stood so close together, it was like they were one. Passengers stared at the sight. With the golden sunlight as the background, it was like a painting or a scene from a movie.

The kiss was long and deep.

Luo Xi slowly released her, and stared at her swollen lips. He watched her silently, only to see her expression gradually changed from anger to her usual calmness.

“Why not hit me?” he asked lightly.

“I don’t want to hurt my hand.” Xia Mo took out a handkerchief to wipe her lips, her tone calm as if nothing happened, “There are too many mosquitoes this summer.”

Luo Xi’s face froze.

Taking a deep breath, his eyes dark with a dignified light, “I’ll be back. You tell that Ou Chen guy, all the things he’s afraid of, I will give back to him in double.”

“If you want, then tell him yourself.” She responded evenly

“Flight to England boarding. Passengers, please hurry.” The voice repeated over and over in the lobby broadcast.

Xia Mo handed him the ticket, “I wish you every success in England.”

She suddenly felt too polite, too unfamiliar. She does not know why, but in front of him, she always had the fear of showing her weaknesses.

Luo Xi took the ticket.

He looked around the airport hall, full of stranger hurrying, from huge floor to ceiling windows, the sunlight golden and dazzling. So quiet in the world, a place where anyone may come and go, all their sorrows and joys unspoken.

“I will take good care of Milky.” She said. Cats were not allowed on the plane.

“Give it away.” Luo Xi said indifferently, turning around, pulling the blue suitcase after him.


Xia Mo handed him the guitar she had been carrying. He looked at it startled, his fingers gently stroked the silver guitar strings, casting a deep echo of sound throughout the airport.

Xia Mo stood there.

She quietly watched his back, looked at him going further and further away, looked at him standing at the entrance, looked at him handing the ticket to the lady, looked at him coldly not looking back. Quietly, her heart broke a little, as if something was forever leaving her grasp.

Luo Xi entered the passing point.

At the last moment, he put the guitar down at the entrance, and continued on. When the airport lady called after him in surprise, he merely waved his hand, and walked away.

The discarded guitar lay quietly on the cold marble floor.

Xia Mo stood silently in the hall of the airport.

The sun shone the brightest that summer, making it the most brilliant day. Through the airport lobby glass, the guitar strings shined in the sun as if it were stars in the sky.


  1. is there an english version of the novel? if so wat is it called?

  2. thanks for the translation.
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  3. Thank you for translating!
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  4. @1st person, there is no English version, which is why I'm translating it ^^

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  5. thank you!!
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  6. Wow, I just realized that in the novel, the bonding between XM, LX and XC is much longer and deeper than how it was shown in the drama haha. I really do understand XM's anger at OC afterwards!


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