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Summer's Desire Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The painting now hung in a beautiful frame on the wall of Luo Xi’s room and, when the sun shone down, the noble prince sparkles and smiles. Every time, Xiao Cheng walked outside Luo Xi’s room, he would see the painting and smiles happily. Seeing his children getting along so well put Yi Pa in such a good mood that he would laugh more often and eat even more than before.

When Yi Pa would ask about Luo Xi in school, the answers were always the same. Luo Xi is so popular, Luo Xi’s homework were very well done, Luo Xi is very polite, Luo Xi’s speech deserves an award, Luo Xi is selected as the most outstanding student.

Yi Pa would laugh and laugh and Xia Mo, seeing her father’s smiling face, would laugh along. She could care less about what kind of person Luo Xi is as long as he can bring happiness to her family and no harm.

Luo Xi, however, was testing her limit.

Xiao Cheng’s painting got first place in the National Youngster category, which gave him, in additions to other honors, quite a good sum of prize money. Xia Mo had intended to use the money to buy Xiao Cheng some painting materials as his were getting shabby.

But Yi Pa had used that money to buy a guitar.

A guitar to give to Luo Xi.

That night, Luo Xi spent the entire evening playing the guitar, his head bowed, his slender fingers plucking at the strings, a gentle smile on his face. Yi Pa sat in the rocking chair, Xiao Cheng beside Luo Xi, Yi Ma leaning against the wall; all were spellbound.

Luo Xi played for a very long time.

Later that night, Xia Mo was walking toward in the courtyard to water the plants but someone was there.

The early dews sparkled in the light, creating little wet marks on the granite platform. Luo Xi was leaning against the cherry blossom tree, playing and singing an unknown song. The petals of the flowers were slightly transparent in the moon, creating rays of pink light that sprinkled onto his dark hair, as if he was wearing a crown. His fingers gently plucked on the silver strings, which flashed as if it was a shooting star.

Luo Xi heard her footsteps and looked up, his eyes an enchanting mist. His whole body seems to be shrouded within the moist night fog.

He mockingly stringed the guitar, “Hate me?” he asked.

Xia Mo’s hands clutched the watering can, her face expressionless.

Luo Xi’s fingers plucked the strange strings to play a gorgeous melody, his smile flashing,

“You wanted to buy painting materials with the money, didn’t you?” He asked, “But, alas, it is now my guitar. So come on, come hate me. Take revenge on me.”

She glared at him.

How did he even know that she wanted to buy painting materials? So Yi Pa buying him that guitar was not a coincidence? He actually asked for it?

Xia Mo bit her lips, her hands raised up high with the watering can.

Rapid flow of water splashed from the roots of the tree onto Luo Xi’s clothes and guitar. Luo Xi leapt up, cursing, and hurriedly used his clothes to dry his guitar. Yin Xia Mo moved around the courtyard to water the other plants.

“You’re not worth it.” She whispered softly.


With the guitar, it was as if Luo Xi had on angels’ wings, making him even more dazzling than before. Every Monday, there is a flag raising ceremony where, after school, students would put on cultural performances such as singing, dancing, or reciting poems. However, it gradually has become a personal stage for Luo Xi.

The whole world is silent.

His slender fingertips plucked out beautiful melodies as his soft voice gave words to those songs, the early sun shines on his black hair, giving it a soft golden sheen, his skin as stunning as cherry blossoms, his face mystical; all so beautiful , all so breathtaking.

All the students forget to breathe.

All the teachers forget to breathe.

Like they were granted instant access to an incredible magical kingdom.

One day, however, that magic was finally broken.

As Luo Xi was singing in the square, a helicopter appeared above the school.

Teachers and students looked up startled and started running away.

The helicopter hovered mid-air above the campus then started moving closer and closer. Finally, the open square of the school become the helicopter’s landing area.

Everyone turned to look back at that aircraft.

Blue sky.

White clouds.

The helicopter’s door open.

A beautiful hand on the door, wearing golden leather gloves.

All the girls covered their mouths with their hands.


They know who he is!

A handsome boy walked down from the helicopter. He is as tall as he is slender, and though he was covered by a pilot’s helmet and sunglasses, one can see that shape of his face came from the proud European aristocracy, while shoulder-length black hair was tied back with a black ribbon. A man dressed as a stereotypical British butler came out from the aircraft and stand respectfully behind with the young man.

“Could it be…?”


“Young Master-! It’s…Master!”

The girls in the square began to scream! Tears of excitement fell from their eyes! The Young Master was in the United States for three months and there were rumors that he will not come back this term, so many thought that they would not be able to see him again.

The Young Master started walking off the helicopter, taking off the leather gloves which the butler respectfully took. He then took off his helmets and sunglasses as the butler hurried to take those. As young and handsome and arrogant as Apollo, the sun god, he walked into the open square as girls began screaming their heart out.

As he walked, the crowd separated as if it were the Red Sea and he, Moses.

His eyes, dark, haughty, flashed in the emerald light.

He calmly moved closer to the crowd, but no one dare to say hello, though the urge was surging in the girls’ chests.

The air becomes stifled.

He walked on straight ahead until he was in front of a girl.

He stopped.

Looked down into her gaze.

To the surprise of all who were there, he bowed down and gently pulled Xia Mo’s right hand to his lips.

The kiss was cold.

Xia Mo’s hand was now intertwined with his, she looked up and bestowed upon him a bright smile.

Throughout the campus at that moment, al l the focus was on the Young Master who had just descended from the blue sky and white clouds, the Young Master who carried the sunshine with him.

No one remembered.

That someone was singing on stage.

The early morning dew.

The silver microphone.

Luo Xi still gently playing and singing with guitar, singing a song so beautiful, so pure, a song that was floating up in the empty, lonely world.

If people were to look at him, they’ll be surprised how much like a fairy he was at that moment. For the injury from being ignored actually made him more arrogant, more terrible and yet, more beautiful. But no one looked.

No one remembered.

That night, Ou Chen had dinner at Xia Mo’s house. Yi Ma, when she heard the news, spent all day in the kitchen and, as the result, the table was full of dishes. But Yi Ma was not at ease, constantly fidgeting, glancing at Yi Pa from time to time as well as throwing worried looks at Xia Mo.

The dining room suddenly felt small and crowded.

Ou Chen ate little and didn’t speak at all. Because he was quiet, everyone else became quiet. Yi Pa laughed a few times, welcoming the Young Master. But the latter only smiled politely in return, his noble air surrounding him as well as the butler standing behind him, made Yi Pa embarrassed and turned silent. Xiao Cheng did not pay attention to anything other than the food. Luo Xi was also quiet, so quiet it was like he was not there at all.

The atmosphere was tensed and uncomfortable.

Xia Mo picked up some chicken wings and put them into Xiao Cheng’s bowl, “Eat some more,” she said, “And remember not to paint so late at night.”

Xiao Cheng looked at her with a smile, “Thank you, Jie.”

Ou Chen suddenly stiffened and slowly put down his chopsticks. His butler respectfully handed him a cloth napkin as he carefully cleaned his hands.

“Are you finished eating?” Xia Mo asked.

Ou Chen nodded.

Xia Mo shook her head, “No. You ate way too little.” She put some wings into his bowl, “That is not enough. This is my mother’s signature dish, you know.”

Ou Chen looked at her.

He picked up his chopsticks and finished the wings slowly. Wiping his hands again, Ou Chen got up.

Yi Pa and Yi Ma quickly got up after him.

“Young Master,” Yi Pa said uneasily, “I’m sorry. The food is too simple.”

“Dinner was great.” Ou Chen said dismissively.

His eyes fell upon Xia Mo , then he turned and walked out to the courtyard, his shadow can be seen through the glass window. As if nothing happened, Xia Mo calmly finished her dinner and walked out too.

Luo Xi looked after them mockingly.

Moonlight shone through the tree branch, bright and clear as water. The granite platform slightly cold but it was nothing compared to the man sitting in it, his hair flying in the wind like ribbon.

Xia Mo sat down beside him.

Two shadows under the cherry trees.

Xia Mo took his arm, looked at him sideways, gentleness in her eyes.

“Why did you suddenly come back? I thought you were supposed to be there for another month.”

“Who is he?” Ou Chen asked.

Xia Mo looked at him, surprised, but she knew who he was talking about.

“He is the child that my father bought back from the orphanage, called Luo Xi.”

“How long will he live here?”

“I don’t know. Dad likes him so he may be here for a long time.”

He looked at her, “Do you like him?”


“You hate him?”

“No.” She smiled.

The smile made Ou Chen stiffened again.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked, his voice cold.

“He’s nobody. Why would I need to tell you?” she laughed, her eyes shining, “Do not tell me that you came back specially because of him.”

He was not supposed to come back for another month but had flown back so suddenly. He didn’t even say anything when they were talking on the phone last night.

With the darkness surrounding, Ou Chen’s face looked unnatural.

Wanting to change the topic, Xia Mo pretended yawn and coyly asked, “Did you bring a gift back for me?”



“What do you want?”

“Well, I have no idea.” She thought for a while, the smiled and said, “Is it a necklace? Or clothes? You have not sent me those for a long time.”

“If you want, I’ll send someone to accompany you to buy some tomorrow.” Said Ou Chen

“No.” Xia Mo shook her head.

She never once used the clothes and jewelry he sent her before; such luxury was not for her. Ou Chen reached into his pocket and pulled out a box.

A small, delicate green box.

Sparkling emeralds lined it, shimmering in the moonlight.

Inside the box is a green lace, long with a gorgeous patter, flying out softly in the night winds.

Xia Mo wrapped the green lace around her fingers.

“It’s actually lace.” She said, surprised.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes. But what is it for?”

Ou Chen took the lace from her, bent over, slipped it through her long seaweed-like hair, and tied a beautiful complex bow, binding it.

“Wear this every day.” He told her

“Why?” asked Xia Mo

“You can only let your hair down in front of me.” His fingers softly caressed her cheeks, his voice low.

Xia Mo sighed, “You are really overbearing. I have to answer your phone call every day, no matter how late. You have Mr. Chiang followed me like glue and now, you even want to control my hair.”

Ou Chen turned away, haughty, “It’s because you are mine.”

Not hearing her reply, Ou Chen turned to look at her. Under the night sky, her eyes wavered, full of mixed feelings.

Ou Chen stiffened, “Why do…? Do you like that Luo Xi? Is that why-?”

“I like you.” Xia Mo interrupted him, her eyes stilled.

Ou Chen breathed a sigh of relief, a mad joy exploded in his heart though his face stayed calm. A boyish smile, however, shone through. Although somewhat annoyed, Xia Mo couldn’t help but to smile back.

She sighed, put a hand on his shoulder, and whispered, “I will wear the green lace every day. But you have to trust me, OK?”

If he continued to be like this, he will only suffocate her.

Ou Chen reached over and hugged her close to him.

Under the bright and clear moonlight, two shadows reflected on the slightly damp granite platform.

In the darkness, Ou Chen asked, “Since I’ve been gone all this time, is there anything you need my help with?”

Xia Mo shook her head, “No.”

Then she suddenly remembered, “Ah, yes. Can you do one thing for me?”


“In the future, do not come here.”

Ou Chen pushed her away, his face became cold. Xia Mo pulled on his arm to look him in the face.

“Did you forget what we just said? How come you still don’t trust me?” she asked playfully, “You know that I hate it when you have that resentful look on your face.”

Ou Chen looked at her, still cold.

“You know it. Every time you come to my house, my parents, and even Xiao Cheng, are embarrassed. It’s so awkward. You don’t know what to say to my family and they don’t know what to say to you. We can meet outside somewhere else.”

Seeing Ou Chen’s unchanged face, she said teasingly with a threat underlying, “Hey. If you get angry, I will be angry too.”

The bright moon reflected in the water.

The tree’s branches shook in the night.

“Fine,” Ou Chen replied, “I promise you. But for the next month, you have to eat with me every day. I will send a driver to pick you up.”

Then he walked out of the courtyard. Outside, the driver started the car as the butler bowed respectfully as he opened the door.

The night wore on.

Xia Mo sat beneath the cherry blossom tree, hugging her knees. Her body became a small mass of shadows, with the green lace on her hair fluttering in the night sky.

A figure walked over, enveloping her in his shadow.

Xia Mo knew it was Luo Xi.

For the mist surrounding him was always there.

“So you and I are the same kind of people”

He looked at her condescendingly, his smile a bit evil, strange but beautiful. She did not look at him but continue to sit in a daze as if it was her greatest pleasure.

After a long time, she replied dismissively, “Yes. So stay away from me.”


The black Bentley drove through the night street.

“Young Master, why did you not tell Miss Yi that you used up a week time to hand-wove that lace?” Butler Shen asked from the front of the car.

Ou Chen stayed silent, looking out the window.

“You can’t always stay silent, Young Master. Girls like to hear such things, to hear sweet talks and coaxing. But you are always cold, how can Miss Yi know what’s on your mind?” Butler Shen rambled on, “That brooch you gave her last time was also hand-made, but she hadn’t even worn it. Why-?

Displeasure flashed in Ou Chen’s eyes.

Butler Shen gave a dry cough, knowing it was time to shut up.

Ou Chen slowly rolled down the windows as the night wind blew in. Xia Mo’s eyes are as ever changing as the sea, sometimes they’re playful, sometimes angry, sometimes tender, sometimes cold. But whenever she lets down her hair and it moves with the wind, there’s a lazy flirtatious look in them.

That’s why she must tie it up.

Determination tightened up Ou Chen’s face.

Sitting in the front, the butler shivered.

The school’s parking lot is now full of all kinds of luxury cars. Since Ou Chen came back, the elite students who do not often attend class also appeared. Girls started to dress more lavishly. Students followed the Young Master everywhere he goes: when he’s eating in the school restaurant, reading books in the library, practicing fencing in the gym, swimming in the pool. However, only one person can get close to the Young Master.

Only Yi Xia Mo

Only she can stand next to the Young Master, talk to him, help him with his clothes. For she is the Young Master’s girlfriend, and in his heart, she is the only occupant.

“I don’t care about this Young Master!”

It was the short haired girl who led the attack on the chubby girl that Luo Xi kissed. This time, it was her turn getting beat up. A circle of students were hitting her, turning her face black and blue, making her suffer even more than the chubby girl did. Still, the short haired girl did not stop yelling. She cursed Xia Mo, claiming she would kill her, kill them all.

The crowd relentlessly beat until a faint voice said, “She did not bully me.”

It was Xia Mo walking with Ou Chen. A tall skinny boy left the circle of students to stand in front of the two of them.

“Ge (older brother),” he said to Ou Chen, “This girl bullied Yi Jie (older sister).”

Ou Chen’s eyes went cold.

“She did not bully me.” Xia Mo repeated

“But…I thought-“

“You thought wrong.” Xia Mo replied.

She ignored him and walked over to the short haired girl and told her to leave. The girl continued to curse her but Xia Mo calmly looked at her and laughed.

“It was not me but them who hit you,” she answered back, “Do not start attacking like a dog; use your head to think. The people who hit you did it to please the Young Master; it have nothing to do with me. That’s how this world is, filled with bad people. Look at your friends. They did not save you; I saved you. You should be grateful to me.”

The short haired girl was stunned as were all who were present.

Xia Mo walked back to Ou Chen’s side.

“Jie, I’m Song Ya Min,” the skinny boy promptly introduced himself, “Ge is my most revered mentor. If you ever need anyt-”

“Song Ya Min,” Ou Chen interrupted, “Stop calling me “Ge.” I have no siblings.”

Ya Min meekly apologized.

“Yi Xia Mo!” the short haired girl yelled. She had started to run away only to turn back, “My name is Fang Jin Hua. Remember it. One day, I’ll repay all the humiliation I suffered!”

Ou Chen frowned, hearing those words.

After that day, Fang Jin Hua was no longer seen in school. Some said she transferred. Others concluded that the Young Master had something to do with her disappearance, assuring that she will never appear in front of Xia Mo again.


Since the Young Master’s return, Luo Xi’s popularity suffered a bit of a dent. Luo Xi, though gentle and beautiful, was not the Young Master. However, the Young Master was too noble, his background too good. He was the distance star that girls can gaze upon but can never get close to; Luo Xi was the better dream to have.

Unfortunately, this dream will soon be brutally shattered.

When the event occurred, Xia Mo was listening to music, watching Ou Chen jogged. All that she knew was from the gossips that were whispered around the school later.

It was the flag ceremony after school and Luo Xi was playing the guitar and singing on stage as usual. And as usual, all the students were listening transfixed. Suddenly someone from the crowd came on stage and stared at him in surprise. It was Song Ya Min.

“Luo Xi? What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in jail?” Ya Min asked.

Two simple sentences.

Amplified by the microphone on stage.

Uproar started in the audience. Those two simple sentences had broken the magical spell that Luo Xi had weaved. Ya Min continued.

Luo Xi was from an orphanage. He was adopted but was sent back for misconduct. The Songs had adopted him but he was caught stealing Mrs. Song’s jewelry, and arrested by the police.

People yelling, crying; some girls even fainted.

The next day, students were still buzzing about Luo Xi. Xia Mo was reading a magazine while Ou Chen was having lunch as people gossiped around them. Apparently Luo Xi was very nice to the family on the outside but deep down, he hated them. He nicely accepted the new shirts Mrs. Song bought him then turned around and cut them to pieces. The he started stealing the family’s stuffs: antiques, Mr. Song’s pens, Mrs. Song’s jewelry, even Ya Min’s money. The family tolerated him, not wanting to send him back to the orphanage. But when Mrs. Song’s wedding ring was stolen, it was the final straw. They finally had to call the police.

“I heard that people who came from the orphanage have a very dark side.” A lady whispered

“They were garbage in the first place. Why else would they be in an orphanage?”

“Luo Xi looks like a prince from a comic book. I really didn’t expect him to be so dirty. No wonder my mom always said never to come in contact with people from the lower class.”

“He really does not look like it.”

“Of course not. If he looks like a thief, then who would dare to adopt him? Those poor people have to disguise themselves very well so they can climb the social ladder. The world has always been this way.”

“That’s true.”

Xia Mo’s hands tightened on the page she was reading. She closed the magazine and gathered her things.

She stood up, “You are too slow. I’m going first.”

Ou Chen seized her hand, “They are talking about Luo Xi. It has nothing to do with you.”

She smiled lightly, “It doesn’t have anything to do with me. But I want to leave.”

“I’ll give you a ride.”

“No need. It’s inappropriate for a poor person like me to sit in such a luxurious car.” She gently pulled her hand away from his grasp and walked away.

Ou Chen stared at her vanishing figure. A cold atmosphere descended upon the cafeteria as all the students looked around awkwardly.

When Xia Mo got home that night, she found her parents and Xiao Cheng sitting around in a tensed mood. There were even injuries on Xiao Cheng’s face! Apparently, he had gotten in fight with the other students who were insulting Luo Xi. Xiao Cheng cried out that Luo Xi isn’t a thief so Xiao Cheng had to defend his name. Tears fell down his face as Xia Mo tried to comfort her little brother.

The next day, Luo Xi showed up to class as usual, like nothing happened. He still smiled at everyone; his gentle features had not changed. Some even defended him, stating the thief rumors must be false. He was too pure, too good, for that. Eventually, doubt spread throughout campus. Perhaps Luo Xi was really famed.

Until Friday morning.

On the bulletin board, someone posted up an aged newspaper. A section was circled in red. A section talking about a thief that the police arrested. A thief named Luo Xi.

All the students stood around the bulletin, stunned.

Suddenly someone emerged from the crowd to tear down the newspaper. The person is Luo Xi.

He looked at the crowd coldly, his eyes mocking, a glamorous mist surrounding his body.

The students stared back at him, not knowing how to respond.

Finally, not knowing who started it, but voices after voices started to shout,


“Luo Xi is a thief! Thief!”

“Get out! You thief! Get out!”


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