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Summer's Desire Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A boy ran into the classroom, excited. Luo Xi had beat up several students in front of the bulletin board. After the teachers dragged him to the disciplinary office, Luo Xi even hit the Headmaster.


The class asked in horror.

The boy shook his head in regret. He only stood outside of the office and watched, so he doesn’t know why Luo Xi suddenly punched the Headmaster in the jaw. He only saw one of the students whispered something to the Headmaster and then, the Headmaster said a word that sounded like “prositute.”

Xia Mo sat a few rows ahead in the classroom, her headphones turned up at a high volume, trying to block out the surrounding noise. She was reading a book, but suddenly the characters seemed too densely packed together, making her eyes hurt.

She felt bored.

Some girls tried to defend Luo Xi, maybe it was a misunderstanding or the other boys hit him first. The boys shot them down immediately and laughed at them. It was already proven; Luo Xi was nothing but garbage. That fact was crystal clear.

The girls had nothing to say now, but can only lay their head down and cried.

Xia Mo stared at her book.

The loud music, the noisy classroom, her eyes turning cold. Finally, she ripped off her headphones, slammed the book shut, and shot up from her chair.

At this time, the classroom door opened once again.

All the students turned to see a red-faced but very cute boy running in. They immediately recognized him as Xia Mo’s younger brother.


Xiao Cheng ran to Xia Mo, his face flushed with fresh tears in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she quickly asked.

“Jie,” Xiao Cheng tried to talk while catching his breath, “Dad…Dad…in the disciplinary office…”

Xia Mo’s body suddenly froze.

Masses of students gathered in front of the disciplinary office, pushing and pulling, trying to see the drama unfolding within. Loud voices rang out from inside, a loud band resounded in the frightened but excited students’ ears as the Headmaster slapped his desk.

Suddenly, a force from behind separated the crowd.


The students in front were discontented in being pushed back from the good position they fought so hard to get.

“Get out of the way!”

A female voice.

The students turned back. They knew this girl. It was Yi Xia Mo, the Young Master’s girlfriend. They immediately gave way to her, though somewhat sullen.

Xia Mo stood in the doorway.

Xiao Cheng took her hand and stood beside her.

The guidance office was in a mess, as if the wind had come blowing through it. Papers were flew everywhere, folders, frames, flower pots, awards, all lay scattered on the floor. Several teachers were reprimanding the students, who stood shrinking in the corner. The Headmaster sat behind his desk, looking thoroughly embarrassed, his nose dripping blood onto his suit.

The sun had set in.

Luo Xi was badly bruised, his shirt torn from the fight, traces of dried blood can be seen on his face. He was still surprisingly handsome, his hair shone in the sunlight. But gone was the old gentle look, replaced by an odd mockery and indifference. The teachers were still yelling at the other students, but only carelessly.

Because all were focused Luo Xi.

Xia Mo saw her father.

Like a mother hen protecting her chicks, Yi Pa stood protectively in front of Luo Xi. He kept bowing to the Headmaster, his fat face sweating. He apologized profusely, bowing down.

“I’m sorry. Xiao Xi was too impulsive.”

“I’m sorry, Headmaster. I will teach Xiao Xi. He will not fight again.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll pay for all the injured students’ medical expenses.”

“I’m sorry. But Xiao Xi really didn’t steal anything. That was a misunderstanding…”

Xia Mo watched her father bowing down. She bit her lips, her palms turning cold, her heart hardened, tingling as if it was shot with numerous needles.

“Did I said that Luo Xi was a thief?!” the Headmaster demanded furiously, slapping his desk.

“The newspaper posted on the bulletin board already explained everything! Luo Xi not only didn’t repent but fought with the students. What kind of attitude is that?! I took him to the disciplinary office to ask what happened and he assaulted a teacher!”

“I’m sorry…sorry…”

“What’s the point of saying sorry?! You know him, understood him?! You just adopted him! Why don’t you write that he steals things in his information? This is a school, you!”

Yi Pa looked at the Headmaster.

Luo Xi stood coldly in the disciplinary office, his face full of mockery.

Sweat rolled down Yi Pa’s palm, his face pale.

He stammered, “But we are not really…Xiao Xi…he isn’t thief…please look into it..please investigate…Xiao Xi…”

“We’re a school, not the police,” the Headmaster sharply responded, “We do not have time for investigations.”

“Dad,” Xia Mo interrupted, “Why don’t you go home first with Xiao Cheng and let me handle this?”

Yi Pa hesitated, looking back and forth between the Headmaster and Luo Xi, then back to Xia Mo.

“Dad,” Xia Mo continued, smiling, “I’m more familiar with the school. Trust me.”

Yi Pa finally nodded, “I’ll leave it to you then, Xiao Mo.”

He then left, taking Xiao Cheng with him.

Xia Mo waited until her father and brother were out of sight before she straightened up, her eyes became cold, the smile all but gone from her face.

Without a word, she took Luo Xi’s hand and pulled him out of the office.

“Hey! Stop! You-“the Headmaster shouted, angry.

Xia Mo turned around, her voice like ice, “There are no evidences but you encourage your students to call other thieves? Is this how you teach?” she asked, “Since you do not have the ability to investigate then let me do it. However, if you are wrong, please do as we were taught and apologize.”

She left the office without a backward glance, pulling Luo Xi with her.

It was quiet, strangely quiet. No one dared to breathe.

Luo Xi stared at the back of Xia Mo’s head, as if willing her to turn and look at him. She didn’t but her hand tightly grasped his.

It was a moment that would go down in the school’s history. It would become a legend that will be handed down to all future students. Wild rumors would sprout from this incident and even those who were there would exaggerate the event. But for now, no one did anything but to merely look in awe after the couple’s disappearing backs.


Ou Chen was swimming in his house’s pool when Xia Mo came. He ignored her presence but dismissed all his servants. Xia Mo took the towel from one of the maid and dried Ou Chen herself. He stayed silent as if being rebellious. Xia Mo dried him carefully and gently but when she got to his hair, she couldn’t help to roughly tousled it.

“Hey!” Ou Chen cried out in protest.

“Hey what?” Xia Mo retorted, “Why are you acting out against me? If you don’t want to see me, then I won’t appear in front of you again.”

She turned to leave but Ou Chen called after her.

“Why did you say all that stuff in the disciplinary office?”

Xia Mo smiled and turned around, “You know why.”

Ou Chen’s face hardened, “What’s your relationship with this Luo Xi?”

“He’s the child that my dad adopted, the brother that Xiao Cheng likes.” Xia Mo answered

“Is it that simple?” Ou Chen questioned

“How complicated can it be?” Xia Mo asked back. She cocked her head to look him in the eyes, “Hey. Are you jealous?”

Ou Chen looked away, “You held his hand.” He muttered sullenly

Xia Mo laughed, “Is it just that?”

She used the towel to carefully wipe her each finger on her hand.


Ou Chen looked somewhat pacified, though still slightly brooding. Xia Mo gazed at him and tenderly fixed his hair. Ou Chen’s face softened.

Xia Mo gently chastised him, “If you’re going to get angry, then please find a better reason. Or else I’m going to be angry and won’t ever see you again.”


“Yes. So are you going to help me or not?”

Ou Chen sighed, “I’ve already got someone to contact the police and get their report. I’ve also called the Songs. You can meet with Mrs. Song tomorrow.”

Xia Mo grinned at him, her eyes bright.

Ou Chen couldn’t help but to smile ruefully back.

“If you’re not sure then don’t talk so big. What are you going to if I decide not to help you?”

Xia Mo chuckled, “That would never happen. Because you will always help me.”

Ou Chen glanced at her, “In the future, do not be so close to that Luo Xi. Or else…”

“Or else what?” Xia Mo asked, somewhat defiantly

Ou Chen suddenly took hold of Xia Mo’s hand, pulled her close, and kissed her on the forehead.

“Xia Mo,” he whispered, “you are mine.”


At home Friday night, Yi Pa asked nervously during dinner how Xia Mo is planning to investigate the situation. Xia Mo laughed lightly and told him not to worry. After dinner, Xiao Cheng helped Yi Ma cleaned up while Yi Pa asked Xia Mo to accompany him to the courtyard.

The night sky was moonless though countless twinkling stars scattered across the black canvas.

Xia Mo sat under the cherry blossom tree, looking into the night, listening to her dad talked. Since Luo Xi joined their family, she has not had a chance to talk with her dad like this.

“Xiao Xi is not a thief.” Yi Pa said, his face complicated

“Oh.” She quietly looked at the stars in the sky, which flashed on and off, as if they were annoyed too.

“Xiao Mo, Dad knows you do not seem to like Xiao Xi, but you have to believe he is not a thief.”


“Luo Xi’s mom and I went to the same high school. She was the best student in our school,” Yi Pa recalled, his voice soft and low, “Her school work was good, her temperament friendly, she was also very pretty. All the students liked her.”

“Dad, did you have a crush on Luo Xi’s mom?”

Yi Pa looked embarrassed, “At that time, almost all of the male students had a crush on her. I was really fat then, fatter than I am now. Other girls totally ignored me, only she would see me and nod and smile. One time, I did so badly on a test that the teacher made me stand in the corridor. I kept on crying as all the other students were laughing at me. She came and gave me a handkerchief to wipe my tears.”

Xia Mo was surprised to see her dad’s eyes getting red.

“But I said nothing to her. She was like a fairy and I just couldn’t open my mouth. Then one day, she disappeared and never attended school again. Xiao Mo, Dad was useless. I never dared to talk to her. She might not even remember me.”

“Dad…” Xia Mo gently leaned against her dad’s shoulder

“I saw Xiao Xi at the orphanage. I found out he was her child but I already knew as soon as I saw him. He looked exactly like her.” Yi Pa’s voice trembled, “Her child cannot be a thief. It is impossible.”

Xia Mo nodded fervently, “I believe you, Dad.”

After a while, Yi Pa calmed down. He looked over to her, embarrassed, “I’m sorry, Xiao Mo. I shouldn’t have told you about that.”

“Why shouldn’t you?” Xia Mo put her head on his shoulder, “You’re telling me about your past means that you trust me. Xiao Mo is very happy. And Dad, don’t worry. There will not be anyone bullying Luo Xi. I will protect him.”

Yi Pa smiled happily and patted his daughter on the shoulder.

The beautiful night sky.

Stars glimmering like jewels.

Xia Mo nestled affectionately inside her father’s arms, “Dad,” she said softly, her voice drifting with the night wind, “Do you know why I never really liked Luo Xi?”

Yi Pa looked at her, puzzled.

Xia Mo blushed, “Since Luo Xi came to our house, it seems as if all you care about is him, as if Xiao Cheng and I were forgotten. Dad, I love…love you laughing with us, love you asking us about school, love you…loving us.”

Yi Pa looked at her, disturbed and sad, “Xiao Mo…”

Xia Mo smiled at him, a beautiful smile. Her eyes like the calm sea, her hair twisting like seaweed, bind by the green lace, fluttering in the night sky.


“I’m sorry, Xiao Mo. It’s because Xiao Xi had suffered so much that I wanted to take special care of him. It’s not that Dad doesn’t care about you and Xiao Cheng. In my heart, you and Xiao Cheng are well behaved and sensible. There’s no one that can replace the two of you.”

“Thank you, Dad.”

Xia Mo happily closed her eyes and snuggled deeper in her father’s arms.

The night wind coursed through the courtyard.

The cherry blossoms moved along with the breeze.

Xia Mo suddenly sat up from her father. She turned.

The light from the night sky outlined the silhouette of a young man. He had been standing there for who knows how long. The night wind created a mess of his brown hair, covering his forehead, his eyes as cold as the morning fog.

Yi Pa left, leaving Xia Mo and Luo Xi alone in the yard.

Xia Mo folded her hands back and slowly lay down on the stone platform. The leaves rustled in the night air, the dense branches left gaps for the bright stars. She sighed contently and closed her eyes.

Luo Xi stared at her for a while, then lay down, next to her. He put his head on his arms, gazing coldly at the night sky through the leaves.

The two lay quietly under the beautiful starlight.

“Why did you help me?” he asked

She did not speak, her breathing calm.

“Don’t you hate me?” he continued

She appeared to be asleep.

“I rather you hate me than pity me.” His eyes reflected a frightening amount of loneliness and stubbornness.

Xia Mo laughed with disdain.

“Pity you? Why should I pity you? I also came from the orphanage.”

Luo Xi glared at her, “Are you mocking me?”

“You don’t know?” Xia Mo asked indifferently, “Xiao Cheng and I are not the real children of this family. Dad adopted us, just like he did you.”

Luo Xi stared at her, his expression complicated.

“Should I pity you because you were called a thief? I was not only called a thief, but also a whore. Or is it because your mom was called a prostitute?”

“You-” Luo Xi sat up angrily

“Dad said your mom was like a fairy,” Xia Mo continued calmly, “but my mom…my mom was really…”

Xia Mo sighed, “I have seen many like you at the orphanage, acting all sweet and nice to get adopted. There’s really nothing pitiful about you.”

Luo Xi stood up and laughed coldly, “The truth is you’re the same as me. You act all gentle in front of that Young Master, then na├»ve and cute in front of Dad. You’re even a better actor than I am. And deep down, you’re a much colder person.”

Xia Mo sat up, swinging her legs, “That’s right. I am the same as you. But I’m not as stupid.”

She walked over to him, “Offending Ya Min when you know it could get you sent back to the orphanage, acting so indifferent when all you want is to be loved.”

The two of them were so close to each other that they could feel the breath from the other’s lips. Xia Mo suddenly turned around.

“I will help you this time. But remember that you owe me.”

She walked back into the house.

Luo Xi stared after her for a long time.


On Saturday night, Xia Mo came back to the house and went to Luo Xi’s room. She tossed him a tape cassette and told him to use it as he liked.

Luo Xi spent all of Sunday listening to the tape. When Xiao Cheng decided to peek into Luo Xi’s room, he found that Luo Xi had gone out.

On Monday’s flag raising ceremony, everyone was surprised to see Luo Xi on stage with Ya Min. Ya Min spoke tentatively in the microphone, his head hung low. Luo Xi stealing was actually a misunderstanding. After Luo Xi’s arrest, the family found out it was actually a servant who stole all of that stuff.

Uproar started in the crowd.

Ya Min continued. He is very sorry to Luo Xi. He is willing to apologize, to accept any of the punishment the school gives.

All of the students were stunned.

Luo Xi went to Ya Min and clasped his shoulder like a brother would.

Watching from afar was Xia Mo. The matter was resolved easier than she have reckoned. When Xia Mo went to see Mrs. Song on Saturday, she was not willing to say anything. But at the pressing of Xia Mo, Mrs. Song finally admitted that Luo Xi never stole anything. It was Ya Min. Luo Xi was so popular in school and good at everything that it made Ya Min jealous. Mrs. Song tried to make the two of them become friends but it was futile. She really liked Luo Xi but Ya Min is, after all, her biological son so she had no choice but to send Luo Xi back to the orphanage. She did not call the police but when they arrived along with the reporters, she had to go with the story that Luo Xi is the thief.

All of this was recorded in the tape recorder.

From the crowd, a female figure walked up the stage. It was Mrs. Song. She went up and hugged both Luo Xi and Ya Min. The crowd cheered.

Xia Mo smiled.

The sun shined down in her eyes, creating such clarity as never seen in them before.


Xiao Cheng rushed into the courtyard when he got home from school, while Xia Mo walked behind him slowly, carrying his bags.

“Luo Xi Ge, Luo Xi Ge!!”

Xiao Cheng, laughing and crying, flew into Luo Xi’s arms with such strength that Luo Xi’s head hit the cherry tree’s trunk. Xia Mo couldn’t help but laugh. Luo Xi looked up, aware that she is laughing at him, and stared at her sullenly.

“They all believe you! Luo Xi Ge! Xiao Cheng really, really likes Luo Xi Ge! Xiao Cheng knew you were not so bad!!”

“Little one, you made my shirts all dirty.” Luo Xi said with a deliberate straight face. In truth, such a warm and innocent gesture made him shy and he does not know how to respond. Forcing a smile, he said, “Go inside and wash your face. Then come out and play, alright?”

“OK!” Xiao Cheng said happily and went inside the house.

Beneath the tree, Luo Xi leaned back against the tree trunk and looked at Xia Mo, a strange smile on his face.

Xiao Mo turned to go back into the house but paused, and glanced back at Luo Xi, “If you have something to say, say it now.”

His eyes shined, his mouth stretched into an evil smile, “Yi Xia Mo. You actually recorded someone’s conversation without their permission? Don’t you know that’s shameless?”

Xia Mo said impatiently, “Luo Xi, you’re the one that’s shameless. Why are you so stubborn? If you want to thank me then do it openly. Why talk nonsense? If I was shameless for recoding the conversation secretly, then you are also shameless for using the recorded tape.”

She eyed him and laughed, “But you are not so stupid. If you have played that tape in front of everyone, Song Ya Min would hate you forever. But now, he will no longer dare to offend you.”

Luo Xi glanced at her, “Were you worry that I would play the tape?”

She did not answer.

Merely continued to look at him, smiling.

The leaves of the cherry tree rustled. Seeing her smile suddenly made Luo Xi’s heart thud heavily. He turned his head, silently watching her out of the corner of his eyes. Xia Mo started to go back into the house.

“Wait!” Luo Xi called out

Xia Mo stopped.

“Thank you.”

Luo Xi sounded careless but there was a slight tremble to his voice. Hearing those soft two words suddenly made the defense around Xia Mo’s heart collapse and she bit her lip, as if in fear.


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